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 (trăns-mĭt′ns, trănz-)
1. A transmission.
2. Physics The ratio of the radiant energy transmitted to the total radiant energy incident on a given body.


1. the act of transmitting
2. (General Physics) physics Also called: transmission factor a measure of the ability of anything to transmit radiation, equal to the ratio of the transmitted flux to the incident flux; the reciprocal of the opacity. For a plate of material the ratio of the flux leaving the entry surface to that reaching the exit surface is the internal transmittance. Symbol: τ Compare reflectance, absorptance


(trænsˈmɪt ns, trænz-)

Physics. the ratio of the radiant flux transmitted through and emerging from a body to the total flux incident on it: equivalent to 1 minus the absorptance.
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Noun1.transmittance - the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substancetransmittance - the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance
coefficient - a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic
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It is possible to conclude that the results as a whole, are below even the properties of ITO or other TCOs, and it is found that with the manufacturing technique, it is possible to obtain films on a wide range of speeds, with sheet resistance values (Rs < 30 [OMEGA]/sq) and optimal transmittances (around 72.
For example, the film thickness, although we are not going to measure it directly, is of great relevance, the bigger will be, it will indicate considerable quantity of material layers, therefore a low film transmittance, because there are much material that is absorbing light, but, for this same reason, there will be more connections among the Ag NW, getting to improve the final film conductivity (less sheet resistance).
c]) is close to zero, the difference between actual transmittances and estimated one is very small.
The DCP algorithm is widely used in image enhancement and image defogging for calculating the transmittance [22].
Their direct visible transmittances are shown in Figure 2 as a function of solar incidence angle.
When the shades are closed, the hourly effective transmittance of the glazing-shade system for direct ([T.
The spectral transmittances of snow-covered ice and snow-free ice show a similar shape in February and March, with a maximum in the middle of the PAR band.
Having acquired the effective thermal conductivities of thermal insulation layers with vertical air gaps of various heights and widths, the effective thermal transmittances of horizontal thermal insulation layers and the corrections of these coefficients to evaluate the influence of the air gaps were calculated (Table 3).
Figure 2 shows transmittances and reflectances (front and back) as a function of wavelength for the whole glazing.
The values of thermal transmittance and resistance were measured in accordance with ASTM D 1518-85--standard test method for the determination of thermal characteristics of insulating material having thermal transmittances in the range 0.
5 and 6 With Experimental Reflectances and Transmittances of the Free Standing Alkyd Resin Film at the Two Wavelengths.
Linear and point transmittances were utilized to overcome drawbacks with the area weighted average method for anomalies contained within opaque assemblies.