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 (trăns-mĭt′, trănz-)
v. trans·mit·ted, trans·mit·ting, trans·mits
1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey. See Synonyms at send1.
2. To cause to spread; pass on: transmit an infection.
a. To impart or convey to others by heredity.
b. To impart or convey to others by inheritance.
4. To pass along (news or information); communicate.
a. Electronics To send (a signal), as by wire or radio.
b. Physics To cause (a disturbance) to propagate through a medium.
6. To convey (force or energy) from one part of a mechanism to another.
To send out a signal.

[Middle English transmitten, from Latin trānsmittere : trāns-, trans- + mittere, to send.]

trans·mit′ta·ble adj.
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Noun1.transmitting - the act of sending a messagetransmitting - the act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted
sending - the act of causing something to go (especially messages)
forwarding - the act of sending on to another destination; "the forwarding of mail to a new address is done automatically"; "the forwarding of resumes to the personnel department"
mailing, posting - the transmission of a letter; "the postmark indicates the time of mailing"
telephotography - transmission and reproduction of photographs and charts and pictures over a distance


transmitting set
nSender m
transmitting station
n (of broadcasting company)Sendestation f; (general) → Sendestelle f


[trænzˈmɪtɪŋ] adj (TV, Radio, Telec) → trasmittente
transmitting set → radiotrasmettitore m
transmitting station → emittente f
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The other nine species (marked by capital letters) of our original genus, may for a long period continue transmitting unaltered descendants; and this is shown in the diagram by the dotted lines not prolonged far upwards from want of space.
Since the channel is busy for a given time slot when there is at least one transmitting node in the slot time, the probability that the channel will be busy in a time slot is
Serial ATA uses a minimum four-wire cable that includes differential pairs for transmitting and receiving data.
Now, researchers have demonstrated that one can, in principle, approach the theoretical maximum for transmitting information via photons and other quantum particles by carefully choosing how the information is encoded, transmitted, and decoded.
In addition, phone-line transmission is inherently slow, so transmitting high-volume data over public telephone lines often is not a suitable option.