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 (trăns-myo͞ot′, trănz-)
v. trans·mut·ed, trans·mut·ing, trans·mutes
To change from one form, nature, substance, or state into another; transform: Alchemists tried to transmute lead into gold. See Synonyms at convert.
To undergo transmutation.

[Middle English transmuten, from Latin trānsmūtāre : trāns-, trans- + mūtāre, to change; see mei- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·mut′a·bil′i·ty n.
trans·mut′a·ble adj.
trans·mut′a·bly adv.
trans·mut′er n.
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Adj.1.transmutable - capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemytransmutable - capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy; "is lead really transmutable into gold?"; "ideas translatable into reality"
commutable - subject to alteration or change; "the death sentence was commutable to life imprisonment"
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[trænzˈmjuːtəbl] ADJtransmutable
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Rather, Geller is interested in showing how by taking on the persona of an animal the Jewish author subverts the neat categorization of human and "the animal," as well as the categories of Gentile and Jew, thus creating an image of a labile, transmutable human animality that is individuated in unique ways that cross all fixed borders.
The best politicians are motivated by a constellation of selfish, but less immediate and transmutable, passions: the love of honor, fame, and glory.
Although male authority is becoming more prevalent in Semai cosmology, rituals, and roles, the existence of transmutable spirits and anungendered creator allows men to actively participate, but does not give them religious power.
So the American reality my family lived out was that money is transmutable into education, and education into money, and that in the normal course of events the locus of that privilege may move back and forth between the one and the other as the times require.
happiness is easily transmutable by suffering and pain and with a
(2j) See about the principles for use of open-ended technology as: processual, emergent, modular, reconfigurable, transmutable, and constructible--useful qualities for children's play culture in Rikke Toft Noergaard and Rikke Berggreen Paaskesen (2016).
The speaker's dissemination neither leaves the "I" dissolved nor disembodied; rather, we encounter a transmutable, permeable body without fixed boundaries, breaching and questioning clear-cut categorizations and attributions.
Enveloped in skin-crawling, bile-green hues, the film is a whirligig of transmutable buildings --miniatures designed by Patrick Tatopoulos, but shot as though enormous and oppressive in scope--creating an omnipresent sense of the cityscape closing in on itself.