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1. transparent.
2. transportation.
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VMT per Lane-Mile by Functionale Class(a), BUREAU OF TRANSP. STAT.,
COL Robert Oliveras, USA, Commander, 597th Transp. Group
The data for research variable TRANSP are from The World Competitiveness Yearbook (formerly titled as the World Competitiveness Report) of the Institute for Management Development (IMD).
Rigid urine probes, transp. c14, = 10 cut, rigid urine probes, transp.
Rodolfo Keil, Chief, Transp. & Travel Regulatory Section
Peggy Zabriskie, Chief, Transp. & Travel Regulatory Section
1 000 m transp. set up, maintain and dismantle the protective device t1, - approx.
The Chapter also honored the Deputy, Republic of Korea Transp. Command, Colonel Lee Seung Wook, for his contributions to the transportation community and for furthering the alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States military.
380 mm t 8-10 m l 8-10 m, - 47.00 t reinforcement cage billet bill b500, - 169,00 st height adjustment concrete columns, - 3,300.00 m 2 overhaul of the planum rough blow after large-scale use of drilling technology, - 25,00 t waste not dangerous avv170101 polluted transp. To dispose, - 355,00 t soil not dangerous avv170504 not polluted transp.