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 (trăns-pûr′sə-nəl, trănz-)
Transcending or reaching beyond the personal or individual.


(Psychology) referring to psychological states beyond the personal, such as mystical or spiritual experiences


(trænsˈpɜr sə nl)

1. extending beyond or transcending the personal.
2. being or involving an altered state of consciousness.
trans•per′son•al•ly, adv.
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The biodynamic model is described as a contemplative art in which the practitioner and client conjoin in meditation so that transpersonal and psychological dimensions can be accessed.
"Nancy will work with astrologer Stephanie Clements, who holds a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology, and was professionally certified by American Federation of Astrologers in 1974.
An introduction and three chapters about spiritual experience, spiritual development, and related concepts are followed by two chapters about spiritual journeying (transpersonal psychology and sociology), then four chapters of examples "using an expanded view."
Friday is an ordained minister, certified yoga teacher and certified transpersonal hypnotherapist.
What prevents us from embracing the newer curricular models and ideologies, such as Watson's Transpersonal Caring Model, feminist pedagogy, or critical social theory?
Charles Tart, PhD, is the well-known author/editor of classics such as Transpersonal Psychologies and Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential.
Rejecting recent views that the reign lacked any form of conceptual underpinning, Wolfram returns frequently to the idea that the emperor espoused an emerging 'transpersonal' conception of rulership: 'Conrad's success seems to have been a function of his ability to pursue two incongruous political courses--the exercise of personal authority and the institution of a transpersonal polity--almost simultaneously' (p.
The present study was designed to explore the aspects of transpersonal psychology to the extent to which it can delve into the deeper levels of creative unconscious.
Psychology professor Jeanne Achterberg, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, will discuss "Transpersonal Imagery: The Effect of Prayer and Distant Healing on Brain Function Using MRI Analyses." Browsing Room, Knight Library.
Does this mean the Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit of John Moores university should be closed, Mr Farrell?