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a. transpleural, que ocurre o se administra a través de la pleura.
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Transpleural ventilation via spiracles in severe emphysema increases alveolar ventilation.
The posterior approach is restricted to a vertical midline incision centered over the tumor and a transthoracic transpleural approach, which requires removal of fewer facet joints, transverse processes, and ribs.
Six Minor A complications (five perinephric hematomas, one asymptomatic pneumothorax after an intentional transpleural approach) and two Minor B complications (postprocedural hypertension requiring medication and perinephric bleeding requiring thrombin injection via a percutaneous needle) occurred in the PCA alone group.
Since then so many technical advances has been made like conventional extrapleural approach and transpleural approach, [8,9,10] end-to-side anastomosis, [11] anastomosis reinforced with pleural patch, thoracoscopic repair, [12,13] oesophageal replacement with colon, small bowel and stomach and more recent efforts like tissue engineering.
Secondary endpoints included the difference in days between postsurgical transpleural air leak in each patient after the first and second surgical intervention, and histological responses in resected lung tissue, which were assessed by immunohisto-chemistry of inflammatory markers, fibrosis, and repair.
Transpleural repair of esophageal atresia without a primary gastrostomy: 240 patients treated between 1951 and
In addition, transpleural systemic collateral vessels (intercostal arteries) also develop.
The standard surgical method of decompression of tubercular dorsal spine is either the anterolateral extrapleural or the open transthoracic transpleural approach.