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A radio or radar transmitter-receiver activated for transmission by reception of a predetermined signal.

[tran(smitter) + (re)sponder.]


(trænˈspɒndə) or


1. (Telecommunications) a type of radio or radar transmitter-receiver that transmits signals automatically when it receives predetermined signals
2. (Broadcasting) the receiver and transmitter in a communications or broadcast satellite, relaying received signals back to earth
[C20: from transmitter + responder]


(trænˈspɒn dər)

a radio, radar, or sonar transceiver that automatically transmits a signal upon reception of a designated incoming signal.
[1940–45; trans (mitter) + (res) ponder]


A receiver-transmitter which will generate a reply signal, upon proper interrogation. See also responsor.
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Noun1.transponder - electrical device designed to receive a specific signal and automatically transmit a specific reply
electrical device - a device that produces or is powered by electricity


[trænˈspɒndəʳ] Ntranspondedor m


n (Tech) → Transponder m, → Antwortsender m
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The fee, which is double the I-PASS rate, would be triggered the sixth time in a month no transponder is detected with a particular license plate.
Why hasn't any other manufacturer come out with a compliant ADS-B Out transponder that is a slide-in replacement for the popular GTX327?
As a result, it is now possible for an object or component that is equipped with an RFID transponder to determine and wirelessly transfer not only its own ID, but also its current status with the help of connected sensors.
The centre said in a statement, "Examination of the communications problem has established that a hardware defect exists in the transponder mounted on the Ocean Shield and that a defect may also exist in the transponder mounted on the Bluefin-21.
The transponder crisis is expected to ease with the launch of another GSAT satellite on a foreign launcher -- Ariane from the French Guyana -- in 2011.
For the new transponder battery, NSN 1635-01-529-0122, there is no specified battery time change requirement.
Harmonic radar appealed to entomologists because the transponder doesn't need its own power source: The energy in the incoming radio wave drives the outgoing wave.
Our culture has adopted the transponder," says Ricardo Leon, operations manager at Kapsch Traffic-Com Chile, the Chilean subsidiary of the Swedish company that provides the transponders and sensory equipment.
The system requires the driver to have an ETC-compatible credit card for insertion into a transponder slot.
The ASDE-X system integrates five enabling technologies: transponder multilateration surveillance, surface movement radar, ADS-B, multi-sensor data fusion and control tower display equipment.