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tr.v. trans·port·ed, trans·port·ing, trans·ports
1. To move or carry (goods, for example) from one place to another; convey. See Synonyms at carry.
2. To cause to feel strong emotion, especially joy; carry away; enrapture.
3. To send abroad to a penal colony; deport.
n. (trăns′pôrt′)
1. The act of transporting; conveyance.
2. The condition of being transported by emotion; joy or rapture.
3. A ship or aircraft used to transport troops or military equipment.
4. A vehicle, such as an aircraft, used to transport passengers, mail, or freight.
a. The system of transporting passengers or goods in a particular country or area.
b. The vehicles, such as buses and trains, used in such a system.
6. A deported convict.

[Middle English transporten, from Old French transporter, from Latin trānsportāre : trāns-, trans- + portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·port′a·bil′i·ty n.
trans·port′a·ble adj.
trans·port′er n.
trans·por′tive adj.


The capability of material to be moved by towing, self-propulsion, or carrier via any means, such as railways, highways, waterways, pipelines, oceans, and airways.
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Work argues that while the EFSS is probably the only system that can meet the strict transportability requirements of the V-22, "there is a lot of debate within the Marine Corps on whether or not this system is the right system."
In support of Army transformation, the SDDC's Transportation Engineering Agency has done numerous port studies and provided other support in terms of the transportability of the Army and other forces.
A materiel fielding plan, transportability report, and the ILS portion of the contractual statement of work were added.
PDRP nurse co-ordinators should also meet regularly as a national group to ensure the ongoing consistency and transportability of the programmes.
New applications and transportability of data are areas that are always being worked on to provide the best package possible.
The Stryker's transportability was demonstrated on both C-17 and C-130 aircraft.
Key user requirements include a minimum range of 15 km, air transportability, a 75 m circular error of probability against a 155 mm shell at a range of 15 km and an elevation of 25[degrees], a 50 percent probability of detection, an operational availability figure of at least 95 percent over a 30-day in-action period and interoperability with indirect fire systems via digital links.
Key user requirements include a minimum range of 15 km; air transportability (both by fixed-wing transporter and as a helicopter sling-load); a 75-m circular error of probability against a 155mm shell at a range of 15 km and an elevation of 25[degrees]; a 50-percent probability of detection; an operational availability figure of at least 95 percent over a 30-day in-action period and interoperability with indirect-fire systems via digital links.
134/2016 Coll., On Public Procurement, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Public Procurement Act"), the conclusion of a framework agreement with one tenderer for the supply of accommodation containers with accessories allowing daily and night rest in field conditions, transportability and stackability.
Its large fuselage hatch allows handy access for easy maintenance while the removable wing provides compact transportability. Equipped with a high-performance brushless motor and efficient speed control, the Razzor is an ideal racing air machine.
"In recent years, large crawler cranes were expected to be safer and more environmentally friendly and to have improved operational performance and transportability," he said.
Information on dimensions, weights and cubes for all Army equipment is on the CD-ROM and web versions of TB 55-46-1, Standard Characteristics (Dimensions, Weight and Cube) for Transportability of Military Vehicles and Other Outsized/ Overweight Equipment.

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