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v. trans·posed, trans·pos·ing, trans·pos·es
1. To reverse or transfer the order or place of; interchange. See Synonyms at reverse.
2. Mathematics To move (a term) from one side of an algebraic equation to the other side, reversing its sign to maintain equality.
3. Music To write or perform (a composition) in a key other than the original or given key.
4. To render into another language.
5. To alter in form or nature; transform: a diary that was transposed into a novel.
1. Music To write or perform music in a different key.
2. To admit of being transposed.
n. (trăns′pōz′) Mathematics
A matrix formed by interchanging the rows and columns of a given matrix.

[Middle English transposen, to transform, from Old French transposer, alteration (influenced by poser, to put, place) of Latin trānspōnere, to transfer : trāns-, trans- + pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·pos′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.transposable - capable of changing sequencetransposable - capable of changing sequence  
exchangeable - suitable to be exchanged
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Keywords: Diversity, Analysis, Sordaria fimicola, Transposable elements, Strains.
Dans l'etude, la langue chinoise a ete utilisee, mais le principe est transposable a d'autres langues comme le francais ou l'anglais, affirme Kang Zhang.
One possibility is that transposable elements are responsible for a large increase in the genome size over a relatively short period, similar to polyploidy, but this expansion did not apparently result in an increase of chromosome number.
To explore the possible influence of transposable elements on both QTLs in conferring resistance against pathogen, the genes in proximity with transposable elements were investigated.
These jumping genes are actually small pieces of DNA that can copy themselves throughout a genome and are known as transposable elements.
For starters, the genome -- while typical in size -- contains twice as many so-called transposable elements, DNA fragments that can shift position.
Methylation is important in controlling transposable elements (TEs) in several species [14-16] and regulating expression of subgenomes in polyploid species [17].
Repetitive DNA--specifically, transposable elements (TEs)--constitutes at least 45% of the human genome, wherein the fraction of long interspersed nucleotide element (LINE) retrotransposons is 17% [1].
Happle later proposed the theory that transposable elements or retrotransposons within the human genome, which affect the activation or silencing of genes, could cause linear skin lesions following BL.
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C'est d'ailleurs un postulat transposable pour l'ensemble du champ social : la distinction entre les statuts sociaux se fonde principalement sur le cloisonnement des individus dans differents niveaux informationnels.

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