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v. trans·posed, trans·pos·ing, trans·pos·es
1. To reverse or transfer the order or place of; interchange. See Synonyms at reverse.
2. Mathematics To move (a term) from one side of an algebraic equation to the other side, reversing its sign to maintain equality.
3. Music To write or perform (a composition) in a key other than the original or given key.
4. To render into another language.
5. To alter in form or nature; transform: a diary that was transposed into a novel.
1. Music To write or perform music in a different key.
2. To admit of being transposed.
n. (trăns′pōz′) Mathematics
A matrix formed by interchanging the rows and columns of a given matrix.

[Middle English transposen, to transform, from Old French transposer, alteration (influenced by poser, to put, place) of Latin trānspōnere, to transfer : trāns-, trans- + pōnere, to place; see apo- in Indo-European roots.]

trans·pos′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.transposed - turned about in order or relation; "transposed letters"
backward - directed or facing toward the back or rear; "a backward view"
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Every face that, with such agony, such blunders and corrections had grown up within him with its special character, every face that had given him such torments and such raptures, and all these faces so many times transposed for the sake of the harmony of the whole, all the shades of color and tones that he had attained with such labor--all of this together seemed to him now, looking at it with their eyes, the merest vulgarity, something that had been done a thousand times over.
I was disposed straightway to search for other truths and when I had represented to myself the object of the geometers, which I conceived to be a continuous body or a space indefinitely extended in length, breadth, and height or depth, divisible into divers parts which admit of different figures and sizes, and of being moved or transposed in all manner of ways(for all this the geometers suppose to be in the object they contemplate), I went over some of their simplest demonstrations.
One might almost sympathize with Sarah Helen Whitman, who, confessing to a half faith in the old superstition of the significance of anagrams, found, in the transposed letters of Edgar Poe's name, the words "a God-peer." His mind, she says, was indeed a "Haunted Palace," echoing to the footfalls of angels and demons.
You have only knowledge enough of the language to translate at sight these inverted, transposed, curtailed Italian lines, into clear, comprehensible, elegant English.
It is more handy than a label, as there is no risk of the number being lost or transposed. There are no less than four such numbers visible to my lens on the inside of this case.
One took a great fancy to Baptiste the Flathead boy, and a still greater fancy to a ring on his finger, which he transposed to his own with surprising dexterity, and then disappeared with a quick step among the crowd.
Charybdis is transposed to a site some few miles to the north of its actual position.
In reality, only two member states (France and the Netherlands) have sufficiently and clearly transposed the 2006 directive on equality(1) and therefore these two countries were not required to supply additional information.
Member states also reduced the number of incorrectly transposed directives.
The reason for the Court referral is that Cyprus has still not fully transposed this directive into national law, although it was required to do so by 19 January 2011.