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a. The act or an instance of transposing.
b. The state of being transposed.
2. Something transposed.
3. Genetics Transfer of a segment of DNA to a new position on the same or another chromosome or plasmid.

trans′po·si′tion·al adj.
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For example, in Polish grammar (Grzegorczykowa & Puzynina 1998: 390 ff.; Nagorko 2003: 214 ff.) authors do not discuss the principles of his onomasiological theory, but once noted that he departed from it and had delimited three categories of derivatives, namely mutational, modificational, and transpositional, they pass to their own classifications, based on the mentioned categories, without making further links, unless incidental, to the onomasiological theory.
Transpositional microsurgery in multiple digital amputations.
But what de Lubac calls "a transpositional mode of thought" has been banned from academia and educated society generally.
"Sentimental Translation in Mackenzie and Sterne." Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics.
As we have seen, for women studies scholars such as Li, Shih and Wu, the key to successful transnational communication is the ability and willingness to situate oneself in both one's position and the Other's position, whether on the plane of gender, historical contexts and discursive paradigms: "Beyond the Hegelian logic of recognition that requires affect as the underlying mode of operation in encounters of differences, a transpositional and transvaluational relationality may be the definition of what ethics means in our increasingly globalized world (...) For those in the non-West this means insisting on a nonreactive and non-affective mode of relation with the West while contesting discursive asymmetry (Shih, "Towards" 23).
In her judgement, Lady Justice Okwany observed that many of the errors detected during the election were of 'transpositional nature while others were caused by a fatigued poll staff.'
Recalling that tapa was used in ceremonial rituals to "wrap-up" the sacred, Kuwahara proposes "tattooing was a transpositional form of socially patterned wrapping practice" (39).
(43) '"More Russian Than a Dane': The Usefulness of Hamlet in Russia," in Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics, ed.
Villa et al., "The RAG1/RAG2 complex constitutes a 3' flap endonuclease: Implications for junctional diversity in V(D)J and transpositional recombination," Molecular Cell, vol.
Park et al., "A proposed transpositional acupoint system in a mouse and rat model," Research in Veterinary Science, vol.
However, Badiou's objective is not simply to assert the fundamental disjunction of the sexes, but also to locate the site of a transpositional truth that does not fall within the two positions--that is, a "truth" that is not limited to being exclusively located within the masculine or feminine positions.
In 1946, Alexander Aleksandrovich Limberg* (1894-1974), a Soviet military surgeon and dentist, performed reconstructions of defects using diamond-shaped transpositional flap, as well as numerous maxillofacial surgeries.
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