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tr.v. tran·sect·ed, tran·sect·ing, tran·sects
To divide by cutting transversely.
A usually straight line along which measurements or observations are made at regular intervals, as for purposes of ecological study.

tran·sec′tion n.


n. corte transversal a través del eje largo de un órgano.
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So that, the anterior cerebral artery, the superior circular sulcus and the M1 segment of the middle cerebral artery are the borders for the transsection of the corona radiata.
The types of ureteric injury are, crushing from misapplication of a clamp, ligation with a suture, transsection (Partial or complete), angulation of the ureter with secondary obstruction, ischemia from ureteral stripping or electrocoagulation and resection of a segment of ureter or any combination of these injuries.
The effect of surgical transsection of the free gingival fibers on the regression of orthodontically rotated teeth in the dog.
Other advantages include avoidance of transsection of the RV muscle bundles and any ventricular incisions and immediate confirmation of adequate closure (9).
In transsection it resembles the multilamellar array in Figure 7A except for being more compressed, in keeping with the smaller space within the S.