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1. (Psychiatry) the state of being a person who permanently acts the part of and completely identifies with the opposite sex
2. (Surgery) the state of being a person who has undergone medical and surgical procedures to alter external sexual characteristics to those of the opposite sex
3. (Psychiatry) a variant of transsexualism
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transsexualism, transsexuality

the psychological phenomenon of a person identifying with the opposite sex, sometimes to the extent of undergoing surgery for change of sex. — transsexual, n., adj.
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the psychological phenomenon of a person identifying with the opposite sex, sometimes to the extent of undergoing surgery for change of sex. — transsexual, n., adj.
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Thus, in the cacophony of voices, we are listening simultaneously to the transmigration of body parts (male genitalia, female pubic hair, the vocal apparatus, the aural organs, the weaving/writing hand), the transformation of textuality (vocal music, oral narration, written narrative, textile weaving), and the transgression of sexual desires (heterosexuality, homosexuality, transsexuality, asexuality, intersexuality).
Yet, despite their progression toward empathy and realism, cinematic portrayals of transsexuality, even most recent examples, do more to depict the fear and hatred surrounding gender transgression than to cast doubt on mainstream clarities and interrogate the binary gender system.
Very little information about transsexuality was available.
Between April 2008 and March 2009, police recorded 606 crimes motivated by racism, homophobia, discrimination against transsexuality and religious hatred.
However, I found the discussion on the role of transgender and transsexuality theories in gender studies rather terse.
"Soon I was living as a woman almost constantly, except during work hours, but as my confidence grew, I consulted a specialist psychiatrist who confirmed my transsexuality and prescribed female hormones which softened my skin and encouraged breast development."
In 2000, the Vatican circulated a confidential document outlining the Church's official view of transsexuality. This document, written by Jesuit priest Father Urbana Navarrete, was delivered sub secretum to the heads of religious orders the world over.
The "Queer Vibrations" conference also served to raise some fundamental questions about the relationship between femininity, transsexuality, and embodiment in the context of both women's music festivals and Third Wave feminism (Elizabeth K.
"Free market capitalism, and its culture of greed and consumerism, is a far greater threat to the ecological survival of our planet than homosexuality and transsexuality."
(18) Bornstein points out that the character's reaction in the film, as well as the way in which the film was critically acclaimed without ever speaking to the issue of transsexuality, indicated that our culture has a deeply ingrained instinct to view transsexuality as something secret, hidden.
The gene variant is linked to female-to-male transsexuality, and affects an enzyme which is involved in the processing of sex hormones.