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They explore the possibility of recognizing the quality of awareness in post-human forms like robotics and artificial life, transsexuality as an icon of posthumanism, artificial intelligence and decision making, the relationship between decision making and basal ganglia through a computational lens, the consciousness of the inorganic, studies about the attitudes and acceptance of artificial life and posthuman robotics, the posthuman in terms of Deleuze and his references to Nietzsche and Spinoza, empathy, aesthetics, technology as neoenvironment, and the emotive bond with or through machines.
More than simply denying Extravaganza's transsexuality, Butler uses it to speak about race and class" (NAMASTE, 2000, p.
Swaab and Alicia Garcia-Falgueras of the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience in Amsterdam, "[S]ince sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in transsexuality.
There are slippages in the body art; thus, bodybuilders, performers or actors on the border of underground, of pornography and art world promote more or less radical artistic practices intended to modify the body, ranging from tattoos, piercing or transsexuality to the production of monstrosities or anomalies.
Soaps have helped people become aware of, and come to terms with a variety of issues that were once rarely talked about, including sexuality - Colin and Barry in EastEnders - transsexuality - Hayley Cropper in Corrie - and teenage cancer - Jade in Hollyoaks.
The Mass on Friday was the highlight of a three-day conference on transsexuality and theology organized by the Matanzas-based Cuban branch of the international Metropolitan Community Church.
In total, 141 participants selected for this study had been admitted to the Istanbul School of Medicine, Psychiatry Department, with a Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) diagnosis of transsexuality with no confounding complications such as psychosis or bipolar disorder.
The Get Healthy section covers health-related issues, with detailed explanation on the male and female anatomy and even an article on transsexuality.
The story of Einar/Lili will be pursued in order to assert that the film reproduces a stereotyped representation of transsexuality as a symptomatic expression of psychosis, the main enunciation of which is to be a woman trapped in a man's body, which places the subject in the modality of the pousse-a-la-femme in order to become The Woman.
Although Amanda's transsexuality is revealed quickly, the bulk of her backstory is revealed in deftly sprinkled flashbacks.
Transnationalism not only encompass the movement of people, cultural exchange, citizenship, nor does it merely cover multinational literature, linguistic and cultural translations, this generative prefix "trans" is also related to transnational sexualities, transgendered subjectivities and transsexuality, to name just a few.