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 (trăn-so͞o′dāt′, -syo͞o′-, trăn′so͝o-dāt′, -syo͝o-) also tran·su·da·tion (trăn′so͝o-dā′shən, -syo͝o-)
1. A product of the process of transuding.
2. A substance that transudes.
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(ˌtræn sʊˈdeɪ ʃən)

1. the act or process of transuding.
2. Also, tran′su•date`. a substance that has transuded.
[1605–15; < New Latin trānsūdātiō. See transude, -tion]
tran•su′da•to`ry (-ˈsu dəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i) adj.
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the act or process of oozing or exuding or being exuded, as the process by which sweat passes through pores. — transudatory, adj.
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Noun1.transudation - a substance that transudes
emission, discharge - a substance that is emitted or released
2.transudation - the process of exuding; the slow escape of liquids from blood vessels through pores or breaks in the cell membranes
oozing, seepage, ooze - the process of seeping
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[8,9,10] This theory explains the often seen watershed pattern of distribution, the ischemia and infarcts in a subset of cases, the petechial haemorrhages, transudation of fluid and large vessel vasospasm that has been encountered on catheter angiography and MR angiography(MRA).
On the other hand, it is theoretically possible that elevated levels of cytokines detected in vaginal fluid may also be the result of another phenomenon, such as vaginal transudation, a natural process that allows vaginal lubrication through vaso-dilatation.
Corticosteroids are well-known adjuncts to surgery for suppressing tissue mediators of inflammation, thereby reducing transudation of fluids and lessening oedema10.
A sustained negative MEP may facilitate ascending viral and bacterial infections and/or lead to fluid transudation or exudation, thus gradually filling the ME.
These mediators induce vasodilation and transudation from small vessels, which causes the development of the characteristic erythematous, edematous, itchy papules and plaques.
Stephanie Yan of Queen's Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, presented a research study entitled Capillary Albumin Transudation Rate and Outcome in Critically Ill Subjects..
Simultaneously, as more blood reaches the pulmonary circulation following the increase in the venous return, the increasing hydrostatic forces in the pulmonary microvasculature favor the transudation of fluid from the vascular bed to the interstitium [1, 5, 6].
The venous outflow is seen to get obstructed due to the pressure exerted by the empty tooth on an impacted tooth follicle, leading to rapid transudation of serum across capillary walls.
BAL is the most common manner to sample the components of the epithelial lining fluid and to determine the amount of total protein, an index of transudation from the vascular compartment into the lungs, and reflects lung injury.
It can be explained by lower activity of an inflammatory process in the bronchi in children from the Groups I and II associated with reduced transudation of protein through the vascular wall.
(39) Therefore, the interaction between Pr[P.sup.C] and various signal transudation molecules speaks well for important functions (such as differentiation and cell survival) in the living system (Fig.
[16] proposed that there is a discrepancy between the arterial supply to a large tumor mass and that its venous and lymphatic drainage could lead to stromal edema and transudation. Rhoads and Terrell [2] reported the possibility that pressure on the lymphatics in the tumor itself may cause fluid escape through the superficial lymphatics.