(trăns-văl′yo͞o, trănz-)
tr.v. trans·val·ued, trans·val·u·ing, trans·val·ues
To evaluate by a new standard or principle, especially by one that varies from conventional standards.

trans·val′u·a′tion n.


vb, -ues, -uing or -ued
(tr) to evaluate by a principle that varies from the accepted standards
transˌvaluˈation n
transˈvaluer n


(trænsˈvæl yu, trænz-)

v.t. -ued, -u•ing.
to reestimate the value of, esp. on a basis differing from accepted standards; reevaluate.
trans`val•u•a′tion, n.


Past participle: transvalued
Gerund: transvaluing

I transvalue
you transvalue
he/she/it transvalues
we transvalue
you transvalue
they transvalue
I transvalued
you transvalued
he/she/it transvalued
we transvalued
you transvalued
they transvalued
Present Continuous
I am transvaluing
you are transvaluing
he/she/it is transvaluing
we are transvaluing
you are transvaluing
they are transvaluing
Present Perfect
I have transvalued
you have transvalued
he/she/it has transvalued
we have transvalued
you have transvalued
they have transvalued
Past Continuous
I was transvaluing
you were transvaluing
he/she/it was transvaluing
we were transvaluing
you were transvaluing
they were transvaluing
Past Perfect
I had transvalued
you had transvalued
he/she/it had transvalued
we had transvalued
you had transvalued
they had transvalued
I will transvalue
you will transvalue
he/she/it will transvalue
we will transvalue
you will transvalue
they will transvalue
Future Perfect
I will have transvalued
you will have transvalued
he/she/it will have transvalued
we will have transvalued
you will have transvalued
they will have transvalued
Future Continuous
I will be transvaluing
you will be transvaluing
he/she/it will be transvaluing
we will be transvaluing
you will be transvaluing
they will be transvaluing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been transvaluing
you have been transvaluing
he/she/it has been transvaluing
we have been transvaluing
you have been transvaluing
they have been transvaluing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been transvaluing
you will have been transvaluing
he/she/it will have been transvaluing
we will have been transvaluing
you will have been transvaluing
they will have been transvaluing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been transvaluing
you had been transvaluing
he/she/it had been transvaluing
we had been transvaluing
you had been transvaluing
they had been transvaluing
I would transvalue
you would transvalue
he/she/it would transvalue
we would transvalue
you would transvalue
they would transvalue
Past Conditional
I would have transvalued
you would have transvalued
he/she/it would have transvalued
we would have transvalued
you would have transvalued
they would have transvalued
References in periodicals archive ?
He rises up to "transvalue all values," to create his own morality and his own rules, "beyond Good and Evil." (7) He exerts what Nietzsche calls his "will to power"--his will to create his own existence.
Nonetheless, Chandler provokes us to think differently about the limits and potential for critical thought in a context increasingly shaped by resilience techniques that transvalue and depoliticize critique.
Neither guard was injured, according to their employer, Miami-based Transvalue Inc., which specializes in transporting cash, precious metals, gems and jewelry.
Claudia Jones is the focus of Chapter Five, though Keith is interested in more than just the political essays for which she is best known; the 'various experiments' (memoir, testimony, poetry and epistolary) in 'form and narrative technique' attempt 'to transvalue her personal experience of alienage into an analytic opportunity' (pp.
So long as one can speak ironically, cross-up and recross expectations, and transvalue social norms, social context-no matter how delicately construed or thoroughly proscribed-cannot be said to be determinative.
The third characteristic of the special nature of Christian spiritual conversion is its power to transvalue the other conversion types.
In short, humanities faculty might transcend our paralyzing melancholy by accepting "that the modern University is a ruined institution." For Readings, this will entail relinquishing those ruins as "the object of a romantic nostalgia for a lost wholeness," to view them rather as "the site of an attempt to transvalue the fact that the University no longer inhabits a continuous history of progress, of the progressive revelation of a unifying idea" (129).
LaCapra views some forms of acting out sympathetically, as in the continuing need to assert one's bond with the dead through mourning, but he views with suspicion what he sees as "an important tendency in modern culture and thought to convert trauma into the occasion for sublimity, to transvalue it into a test of the self or the group and an entry into the extraordinary," and, at least in part, he associates this latter tendency with modern literature and art, which, while keeping "in closest proximity to trauma," may also evoke and enact a resistance to working through it.
If MacKinnon's equality project is a massive attack on power as it constructs everything, cultural feminism is an effort to transvalue values--to find women's or feminine values (like care, or intersubjectivity, or particularity) and to restore them to a place at least equal to, probably superior to, the corresponding male values (like self-interest, or objectivity, or generality) that have unjustly pushed their way to the top.
Despite Unspeakable ShaXXXspeares' frequent concern with identifying academics with loserdom while also trying to transvalue what it means to lose, Shakespeareanized popular culture validates academia by making that popular culture its reflective surface.
This new "black" idiom insinuates itself into the space left vacant by the collapse of Western values, and the value of Humanity in particular, yet it seeks to transvalue that space by reappropriating the "black scream / and chant," this elemental language that has always been under erasure but never annihilated.
According to Kaplan, you can choose those Jewish sancta that are meaningful to you and transvalue them so as to make them relevant to you today.