transverse sinus

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Noun1.transverse sinus - a paired dural sinustransverse sinus - a paired dural sinus; terminates in the sigmoid sinus
venous sinus, sinus - a wide channel containing blood; does not have the coating of an ordinary blood vessel
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Neuroimages were evaluated by two neurologists, who were blinded to the clinical presentation of the cases, in terms of (a) empty sella, (b) flattened posterior globe/sclera, (c) tortuosity of the optic nerve, (d) transverse sinus stenosis/hypoplasia, and (e) non-specific white matter lesions, using a standardized form.
There remains a chance to injury to critical structures such as transverse sinus and torcula which can be devastating.
Cranio-cerebral MRI angiography were ordered, detecting the presence of thrombosis in the right sigmoid sinus and the confluence between the transverse sinus and the superior sagittal sinus without intraparenchymal ischemic signs (Figures 1 and 2).
[15] showed that the asterion is at the point where the transverse sinus meets the sigmoid sinus and that the emissary veins are situated at the posterior edge of the sigmoid sinus.
(b) Magnetic resonance angiography showing non-visualization of the transverse sinus, sigmoid sinus, and the internal jugular vein (red arrow).
Magnetic resonance venography (MRV) revealed thrombosis in the straight sinus and right transverse sinus [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
However, transverse sinus involvement was the most common in our study with 15 patients.
Cranial magnetic resonance angiography showed narrowing of the transverse sinus and sigmoid sinus.
On cranial magnetic resonance venography, venous thrombosis was detected in the left transverse sinus (Figure 5).
Note the hyperdense right transverse sinus (b) and "filled delta sign" (c).

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