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(trăns-vĕs′tĭz′əm, trănz-) also trans·ves·ti·tism (-tĭ-tĭz′əm)
1. Psychiatry The deriving of sexual gratification from fantasies or acts that involve dressing in clothes traditionally associated with the opposite sex.
2. Cross-dressing. In this sense, the term is sometimes considered offensive.
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Noun1.transvestitism - the practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite sex
practice, pattern - a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
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In a review of Vested Interests by Harvard's Marjorie Garber, Paglia criticized her for bringing "cutting-edge' pretensions" and "lumpish patches of tedious Lacan jargon" to an important subject, transvestitism, which Paglia claims arises at moments of cultural collapse.
Echoing Benjamin, who sees female transvestitism as a sign of women's desire to reclaim the agency and power that patriarchy grants exclusively to men, Anderson represents the young woman as a cross-dresser whose masculine appearance suggests a desire and ability to remain open to the "masculine" comportments that a binary gender system prohibits in normative female subjectivity.
It is important to stress that Patrizia and her mother are examples of drag performances, forms of transvestitism which conceptually differ from a full sexual transition from one gender to another.
Now more commonly referred to as "cross-dressing," "transvestitism" describes a form of gender expression.
Three behaviors now included--fetishism, fetishistic transvestitism, and sadomasochism--would be dropped altogether, said Dr.
Second, several studies have discussed the various ways in which news media misrepresent transgender identity, such as equating transgender womanhood with drag performance (Ryan, 2009) and transvestitism (Barker-Plummer, 2013; MacKenzie & Marcel, 2009; Schilt & Westbrook, 2009).
For example, chapter four addresses the issue of homosexuality, bisexuality, cross-dressing, and transvestitism, which are discussed as monstrous without the deeper examination or framing necessary to examine the cultural perspectives at the time and the biases of the various authors.
(The military considers transsexualism and transvestitism as problematic "psychosexual conditions" that preclude military service, although there is speculation that this ban may be lifted within the next year.
18) to a collective unconscious channeling of transvestitism (p.
The subject - transvestitism - isn't standard material for a comedy but no matter, for director Francois Ozon (Potiche, Jeune & Jolie) has created a small gem full of intelligence and zingy one-liners, that deserves and audience beyond the arthouse brigade.
The subject matter - transvestitism - isn't standard material for a comedy but no matter, for director Francois Ozon has created a small gem.