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Three behaviors now included--fetishism, fetishistic transvestitism, and sadomasochism--would be dropped altogether, said Dr.
Second, several studies have discussed the various ways in which news media misrepresent transgender identity, such as equating transgender womanhood with drag performance (Ryan, 2009) and transvestitism (Barker-Plummer, 2013; MacKenzie & Marcel, 2009; Schilt & Westbrook, 2009).
18) to a collective unconscious channeling of transvestitism (p.
Finally, the prevalence of transvestitism in Greek rites of transition to male adulthood and its absence from Electro's represenation of Orestes merit brief commentary.
The subject - transvestitism - isn't standard material for a comedy but no matter, for director Francois Ozon (Potiche, Jeune & Jolie) has created a small gem full of intelligence and zingy one-liners, that deserves and audience beyond the arthouse brigade.
The subject matter - transvestitism - isn't standard material for a comedy but no matter, for director Francois Ozon has created a small gem.
But in this production, transvestitism is dealt with on an even keel, mainly because the lead actors chose to play on the humanity of their characters, rather than underscore their unusual gender as aberration, given to erratic behavior and exaggerated mannerism.
unlike Afternoon Plus, we have never devoted any of our valuable time to "narrowly feminine" subjects such as knitting and make-up, but have discussed cervical cancer with as much concern as transvestitism or impotence (44)
Likewise, consideration of transvestitism, as part of a deliberate fraud, probably requires acknowledgement of ambiguous premodern understandings of sexual difference per se.
The poem itself grows out of the poet's knowledge of and attraction to--for deeply personal reasons--the cult of Thecla, a saint of the early church valued for her monastic inclinations, her ascetic life, and her transvestitism.
Her transvestitism is only temporary and does not provide her with the strength she needs to truly become a warrior.