trap line

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Trap line

When free ranging small wild animals such as opossums, raccoons, or skunks were trapped for their fur, a number of traps separated by many feet might be set and constituted a trap line. Since these animals were nocturnal, the line would be run (checked) each morning.
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Noun1.Trap line - a line or series of trapstrap line - a line or series of traps    
line - a formation of people or things one behind another; "the line stretched clear around the corner"; "you must wait in a long line at the checkout counter"
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The longer the trap line, the bigger the rock reef.
Dannenmann, a head trapper on her family's trap line and certified instructor for the treaty three trapper education course, thinks that a hunt should be undertaken with the greatest certainty of success.
Diamond giant De Beers Canada has been in the area for more than a year and has completed work on 29 of the 39 drill holes on Kasabonika traditional trap line areas.
"Even the trap line (people) who are not affected (by exploration), they still get the benefits (from the young harvestor's program) because in the future there might different trap lines being explored and then we expect (the people who own those trap lines) to (share the wealth)."
"The length of your crab trap line should be at least double the depth your traps are in," he said.
As the initial run slowed, my son needed to direct the fish away from the crab trap line along the river's channel.
* If you ran a trap line on the way to school and brought in the milk cows on the way home, you never had any problem holding down a job in later years.
Every day on the trap line is a learning experience--maybe a rewarding way to put some extra money in your pocket, and maybe just time spent outdoors.
"The latest W+D servo CI technology gives you .002" color to color register and ability to run four-color process or very tight color trap line color in line as a single workflow.
We established ten circular habitat stations (4 m radius) in each trap line. Habitat stations were placed at odd trapping stations.
I was on the trap line, and my brain could not will my finger to hit the trigger.