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1. Mathematics
a. A quadrilateral having two parallel sides.
b. Chiefly British A trapezium.
2. Anatomy A small bone in the wrist, situated near the base of the index finger.
3. Sports An area in the shape of a trapezoid marked behind the goal line and the goal in ice hockey, where the goalie is allowed to play the puck.

[Originally, a quadrilateral with no parallel sides (later confused with trapezium, originally, a quadrilateral with two parallel sides), from New Latin trapezoīdēs, a quadrilateral with no parallel sides, from Late Greek trapezoeidēs, from Greek table-shaped : trapeza, table; see trapezium + -oeidēs, -oid.]

trap′e·zoid′, trap′e·zoi′dal (-zoid′l) adj.
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1. (Mathematics) geometry (in geometry) trapezoid shaped
2. (Anatomy) anatomy relating to the trapezoid bone in the wrist
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Adj.1.trapezoidal - resembling a trapezoidtrapezoidal - resembling a trapezoid    
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They were all built after the model of those which served for the casting of the Rodman gun; they were trapezoidal in shape, with a high elliptical arch.
Against the twilight rises the trapezoidal top of the stack, which has stood forlornly here through the washing and bleaching of the wintry weather.
In continuation, many authors [5-8, 11-23] introduced various types of fuzzy numbers such as triangular, trapezoidal, pentagonal, hexagonal fuzzy numbers etc.
In order of priority, they are: full round, parabolic and trapezoidal. Full-round runners are the most efficient.
The model features a new front and rear bumper design, wedge-shaped fog lamp enclosures, a trapezoidal air intake in the lower part of the bumper, a rear bumper similar to the design of the front, with similar wedge shape reflector cut-outs, a trapezoidal shape zone-C and three rows of seating for seven occupants.
In this study, the Genetic Expression Programming (GEP) approach was used for predicting trapezoidal and rectangular sharp - crested side weirs discharge coefficient.
Keywords: container crane, loading process, container oscillations, experimental analysis, control systems, velocity profiling, trapezoidal profile, S shaped profile.
In such cases parameters can be represented by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers.
The projection is formed into a triangular shape or a trapezoidal shape in its plan view and is formed into a triangular shape or a trapezoidal shape in its front elevational view.
A trapezoidal number (see [4], e.g.) is a generalization of a triangular number defined to be a sum of at least two consecutive positive integers.
In recent years, the studies focused on three kinds of IFNs: interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy number, intuitionistic triangular fuzzy number, and intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number (ITFN).