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1. often trappings An ornamental covering or harness for a horse; a caparison.
2. trappings
a. Articles of dress or adornment, especially accessories.
b. Characteristic or symbolic signs: all the trappings of power.
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Noun1.trapping - stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorsetrapping - stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse
bard - an ornamental caparison for a horse
horsecloth - a cloth for the trapping of a horse
saddlery, stable gear, tack - gear for a horse
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A new species of strategy has sprung out of this hunting and trapping competition.
They have found the trapping of the beaver their most profitable species of hunting; and the traffic with the white man has opened to them sources of luxury of which they previously had no idea.
This attempt was followed up and sustained by others, until in 1825 a footing was secured, and a complete system of trapping organized beyond the mountains.
A competition immediately ensued between the two companies for the trade with the mountain tribes and the trapping of the head-waters of the Columbia and the other great tributaries of the Pacific.
Everything there is regulated by resident partners; that is to say, partners who reside in the tramontane country, but who move about from place to place, either with Indian tribes, whose traffic they wish to monopolize, or with main bodies of their own men, whom they employ in trading and trapping. In the meantime, they detach bands, or "brigades" as they are termed, of trappers in various directions, assigning to each a portion of country as a hunting or trapping ground.
It is able, also, to fit out and dispatch its own trappers the soonest, so as to get the start of its competitors, and to have the first dash into the hunting and trapping grounds.
The numerous signs of beaver met with during the recent search for timber gave evidence that the neighborhood was a good "trapping ground." Here, then, it was proper to begin to cast loose those leashes of hardy trappers, that are detached from trading parties, in the very heart of the wilderness.
At this place another detachment of hunters prepared to separate from the party for the purpose of trapping beaver.
The two Snakes undertook to conduct him and his companions to an encampment of their tribe, lower down among the mountains, from whom they would receive information as to the trapping grounds.
The device is known as a gin trap, or a spring trap, and works by trapping animals by the leg with spring-operated serrated jaws, causing them to break their limbs as they try to escape.
planipennis than the standard black multi-funnel traps, purple multi-funnel traps, and prism traps in trapping assays conducted in heavily infested areas in southeastern and south-central Michigan.