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n. Sports
Shooting at clay pigeons hurled into the air from spring traps.

trap′shoot′er n.
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Noun1.trapshooter - a person who engages in shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled into the air by a traptrapshooter - a person who engages in shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled into the air by a trap
shooter, shot - a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot); "he is a crack shot"; "a poor shooter"
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product of 60 years ago merited THREE MAJOR FEATURES: a feature with color photos on American skeet team captain (and Cuban native) Carola Mandei; a feature on 13-year-old trapshooter Johnny Lilly winning the under-21 Grand American Handicap Tournament in Vandalia, Ohio (thousands attended); and a major flashback piece to the Great Rifle Match of 1874, between the U.
While his career in baseball has been extensively analyzed, Bender's success as a trapshooter among major league ballplayers of his era is less well known.
Hand a world champion trapshooter a shotgun shell that only travels 800 fps and you will see him miss the target every time.
A former All-American trapshooter, he is the only living journalist who has hunted Africa's "Big Five" game animals of elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, and buffalo.
Woolley and her late husband, Harold, co-founded the Pacific Trapshooting Association, and Donna became a nationally ranked trapshooter.
Now long gone, Wayne Gray was a champion trapshooter in the 1960s.
Life's dealt Donna Woolley -- timber magnate, trapshooter, philanthropist and mother -- plenty of challenges.
This company was founded by renowned trapshooter and inventor Ansley Fox and was known for building fine shotguns.
Cade Miller of Creswell last week became the youngest trapshooter in Pacific International Trapshooting Association history to break 100 straight clay targets in a sanctioned singles handicap competition.
I was never great, but at one time I was a pretty darned good trapshooter, back when it was less competitive than today and a whole lot easier to pick up pocket money.
But it was an even greater problem for me when I was a competitive trapshooter.