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n. Sports
Shooting at clay pigeons hurled into the air from spring traps.

trap′shoot′er n.
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Noun1.trapshooter - a person who engages in shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled into the air by a traptrapshooter - a person who engages in shooting at clay pigeons that are hurled into the air by a trap
shooter, shot - a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot); "he is a crack shot"; "a poor shooter"
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Lawrence is a three time All American trapshooter and was Captain of the national Sub-Junior All American team in 2017.
I remember buying a keg of W-W 452AA from a retired trapshooter. It was a bit dirtier than 231, but at less than half the price I could put up with it!
As an old trapshooter, I have a lot of trouble covering birds with the front bead, so I prefer a higher-shooting gun that allows a 6-o'clock hold.
Only one sport in that fledgling "Time, Inc." product of 60 years ago merited THREE MAJOR FEATURES: a feature with color photos on American skeet team captain (and Cuban native) Carola Mandei; a feature on 13-year-old trapshooter Johnny Lilly winning the under-21 Grand American Handicap Tournament in Vandalia, Ohio (thousands attended); and a major flashback piece to the Great Rifle Match of 1874, between the U.S.
Mike became an outstanding trapshooter and can unquestionably be remembered as the guy who started and was the father of the PVA trapshooting program.
Mind you, no one is totally proofed against it: At barely 211 got my first dose of a common trapshooter's ailment: a flinch.
While his career in baseball has been extensively analyzed, Bender's success as a trapshooter among major league ballplayers of his era is less well known.
Hand a world champion trapshooter a shotgun shell that only travels 800 fps and you will see him miss the target every time.
A former All-American trapshooter, he is the only living journalist who has hunted Africa's "Big Five" game animals of elephant, rhinoceros, lion, leopard, and buffalo.
Woolley and her late husband, Harold, co-founded the Pacific Trapshooting Association, and Donna became a nationally ranked trapshooter. Their company, Woolley Logging Company, sponsored the Drain Black Sox baseball team that won the National Baseball Congress championships in 1958 and was later inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame.
I had a friend who was a gunsmith and trapshooter. He was teaching me but, unfortunately, passed away before I could find out what he did to his shotguns that made them shoot so well.
Trapshooter's shoulder: stress fracture of the coracoid process case report.