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Noun1.trash bin - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collectedtrash bin - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected
bin - a container; usually has a lid
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On the left and right sides of the trash bin, there are two holes for throwing the garbage.
Summary: SHARJAH -- The last time your printer cartridge ran out of ink, you would have most likely dumped it in the nearest trash bin. How about the old floppy disks and keyboards lying around the office?
The diverter would position the chute above the correct trash bin and seal the chute on all other floors magnetically while it is in use.
A six-foot long Burmese python was found at a Cincinnati fast food restaurant on Thursday when a garbage truck driver emptied a trash bin.
A 15-pound opossum was found in a trash bin at Hawaii International Airport on Sunday night (25 September).
I cut things off because I no longer want to be the wall,or the trash bin where one dumps anything one wants,''Depardieu said.
Backed against a large trash bin, Officer Foito and the woman were unable to retreat further, while the suspect continued to advance toward them.
Armendariz was reported missing in January 2018, and his body was found May 31 in a Chicago trash bin after a neighbor reported a foul odor on the 6800 block of South Artesian Avenue.
CORRECTION: 20151008 A June 30 trash bin fire burned outside a D-Mart near East 24th Avenue and Hilyard Street.
City Public Safety Director Glenn Quantz climbed into the large trash bin after workers at an elementary school in the city of Soap Lake discovered the 9-year-old Labrador mix on Nov.
South Miami, FL, September 16, 2014 --( An innovative new product that offers a functional new twist on a commonly used household product, the Singer E-Z Trash Bin, has been developed by Shimon Singer of Spring Valley, New York.
The janitor got suspicious when she found traces of blood leading to a trash bin inside the washroom.