trash can

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trash′ can`

a container for the disposal of dry waste matter.
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Noun1.trash can - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collectedtrash can - a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected
bin - a container; usually has a lid
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According to prosecutors, Saracco placed 40 Apple iPhones worth $17,960 into a trash can on May 7, walked the can to an exit and then placed the items in his vehicle.
He said: "I fail to understand why people would throw garbage outside the trash can and then expect someone else to clean after them.
The medical examiner in that case has ruled Bland's death a suicide by hanging; Waller County officials have said that a trash can liner was found around Bland's neck at the time of her July 13 death.
Known for its iconic pedal trash can, Vipp partnered with German fashion brand Lever Couture for a collection of trash cans called Trashion.
"We asked ourselves, 'What if we replaced the recycling bin with a trash can?' Would people be more likely to save the paper?' "
With these, I made an overflow standpipe and a bottom drain valve, which go in holes drilled into the side of the trash can. I fashioned a debris screen for the trash can lid out of cedar boards (leftover from various garden projects) cut at a 45-degree angle and covered with some scrap screening.
"At this point, I ask for a volunteer to offer his or her trash can as an example of what can and can't be recycled.
People "don't buy it because it's a trash can, but because it's a piece of furniture, a fashion statement," said Egelund, president of Vipp Inc.
But when that waste is an improvised explosive device placed in a public trash can, waste can certainly make haste.
Jerry Hines, owner of Alpine True Value in Alpine, Calf., has partnered with the community's "Welcome Wagon" program to boost business for his store by providing a free 32gallon trash can to all residents new to the Alpine area.
The task force is proposing that all residents have one trash can and one recycling can, Young said.
He said "even educated university graduates throw their garbage in the streets." "We need the municipality to put a trash can next to every shop and people must put trash cans next to their homes," said Tawfiq.