trash collection

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Noun1.trash collection - the collection and removal of garbagetrash collection - the collection and removal of garbage
pickup - the act or process of picking up or collecting from various places; "garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays"
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Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-yi reached a consensus on the issue of trash collection in bot cities at a meeting on March 11.
ISLAMABAD -- The authorities have launched Marine Debris Collection Barges service for harbour cleaning through 'Trash Collection in the Hopper'
ISLAMABAD -- Resident of sector G-13 Monday demanded proper mechanism for trash collection from the streets as it was being dumped in premises of the sector posing health risks for inhabitants.
Palatine officials say Groot has indicated another change in trash collection plans for the village in response to the frigid weather.
I have an observation about the timing of the trash collection.
Get the trash collection costs from a tax or a fee, the same kind of dollars flow into the city's coffers.
Real estate groups are urging city hall to abandon a plan for a new commercial trash collection program that would carve the city's business districts into franchised zones.
According to the NNA, the funds will be used to purchase better air-filtration systems for the vehicles used by the reserve's rangers, 50 ecofriendly bins to be used for trash collection and 30 signs to better guide visitors to the reserve.
From 2016 to 2017 alone, trash collection went up 12.5 percent.
Halit Tekce told Cihan news agency that he has been collaborating with Kimse Yok Mu charity organization for the last seven years with the money he gained through paper trash collection. With the money, Tekce contributed to many cataract surgeries performed in the Afrika for needy people.