trash pickup

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Noun1.trash pickup - the collection and removal of garbagetrash pickup - the collection and removal of garbage
pickup - the act or process of picking up or collecting from various places; "garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays"
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Those who have a schedule conflict with the DEP trash pickup times can also bring their household trash to the venues for disposal.
The trash pickup rate for government entities, such as city halls, will drop by $6 a ton under the budget, from $143 to $137.
Offering valet trash pickup for residents can increase a community's property value and drive ancillary income.
But the town would no longer be the only community with curbside trash pickup that does not also pick up recycling.
We often drive through a neighborhood the day before trash pickup to fill the bed of our truck with other people's "trash." What we cannot use ourselves we give away via the website
With the blue bag program, Chicago residents place blue bags filled with their recyclables in with their regular trash pickup.
District Attorney Ian Morse said: "She will perform light duty work that could include trash pickup, weeding or some type of gardening program."
COUNTRYSIDE: In the years since I began subscribing to COUNTRYSIDE, I have eliminated trash pickup service, recycled nearly everything, composted nearly everything else, raised ducks and a lamb, harvested a nice variety of fruits and vegetables and put by for hard times.