trash pile

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Noun1.trash pile - an accumulation of refuse and discarded mattertrash pile - an accumulation of refuse and discarded matter
dumpsite, garbage dump, rubbish dump, trash dump, wasteyard, waste-yard, dump - a piece of land where waste materials are dumped
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Long a target of environmentalists and people with breathing issues, leaf-burning in unincorporated areas of Lake County may be headed to the trash pile.
So should we just let the trash pile up on our beaches?
HANGING IN MY OFFICE is a large, wrinkled poster that I salvaged from a trash pile shortly after being hired as editor of Guns & Ammo's Special Interest Publications (SIPs).
One day he noticed that I was walking around in heavy army boots that I had found in a trash pile. They were twice the size of my feet and had torn soles.
Protests broke out in Kasur on Wednesday after reports that body of an eight years old minor girl, who went missing last week, has been found dumped in a trash pile.
Officers from the Seventh Special Police Corps, Ninth Division noticed the large trash pile in late December.
It all fuses into a glittering trash pile of dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeAaAaAeAeA vu action pulp," he
Once the complicated nature of politics gets involved, Monday's top priority could end up in Tuesday's trash pile. That's why it's important to lay out the policy goals of the franchising community.
Paula Morris-Jones, who owns Paula's Hairdressing Salon on Bangor Street, said she has made numerous complaints to the council about the trash pile, which she says is a "hygiene and health issues waiting too happen".
Graduate student Tony Parenti found the new cells--induced XEN cells, or iXEN--in a sort of cellular trash pile.
The armorer just tossed the stock in the trash pile. Sir, thanks for taking the time to comment.
He placed all such dolls in his trash pile tits-down.