intr.v. trash-talked, trash-talk·ing, trash-talks
To speak disparagingly, often insultingly or abusively about a person or group.

[African American Vernacular English.]

trash′-talk′er n.


the use of disparaging or boastful language.
[1985–90, Amer.]
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Mayweather and McGregor just wrapped up their circus-like world press tour that had stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London with both fighters engaging in explicit trash-talking and drama made for WWE.
Turbocharged Theresa Commentator Quentin Letts on PM's conference speech It's a chance to re-calibrate, to take pause and work out if you just want to be known as a topless, bird-flipping, diamond-flashing, trash-talking sex tape celebrity Piers Morgan in an open letter to robbery victim Kim Kardashian
Haye (left), who will today officially announce his comeback, was slammed for his lame display when he was heavily outpointed by Klitschko in 2011 after all his brash trash-talking.
The bitter rivals have finally agreed to get it on in London next month after years of trash-talking and Saunders suggested they wager PS100,000 on the outcome.
The bitter rivals get it on in London at the end of November after years of trash-talking and, on Friday, Saunders suggested they wager PS100,000 on the outcome.
captain Tom Watson, trash-talking is really one of the uniqueness of Mickelson.
Washington, September 29 ( ANI ): Kobe Bryant, one of the best players in the NBA who has played some gamed against Barack Obama, couldn't hold back when it came to some harmless trash-talking on the court.
KEVIN McINTYRE last night warned trash-talking rival Gary McMillan he'll end up eating his words just like crestfallen heavyweight David Haye.
Trash-talking "We've moved past the things that we had problems with and now it will just be fun," Donovan said.
David Haye The trash-talking Haye fought the fight he had to - a safety-first approach, understandable given the size of his monstrous opponent - in what was an interesting encounter.
Yet Steward thinks Haye's aggression in the ring and trash-talking is exactly what heavyweight boxing needs.
HERE comes the mayor, trash-talking about another garbage tax, followed by the City Council, trash-talking about taxing everything.