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(ˈtræʃˌmæn, -mən)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a person who collects trash for removal in a truck.
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Stewart; an essay titled "My Queen, I Greet You (An Open Letter to Black Women)" by Eldridge Cleaver; a play titled Flowers for the Trashman: A Play in One Act by Marvin Jackmon (Marvin X); photographs of five paintings by Raymond Howell; a poem titled "The Year of the Smoke" by Larry Neal; a poem titled "Professor Whiteside" by Marvin E.
The bucks pushed the female fawn around the plot a few times before the buck I called Trashman entered the field.
Job After Boarding: Trashman for job benefits, or running a custom car fabrication shop with friends
To combat this growing threat, computer companies including Dell, HP and Apple have all established voluntary "takeback" programs that encourage consumers to trade in their old machines rather than leave them for the trashman. So far, Sony is the only television manufacturer to launch a similar program.
1 Store pet food in al lidded metal trashman, as mice cannot climb the slick, vertical sides of the can.
But la loca Electricidad attacked the poor gabacho trashman. Pinned him like a pit bull.
An example of an application written for users outside of the GIS Division is the "Trashman" application developed for the City's Solid Waste Division.
For a start, the man on death row is no noble innocent wrongly suspected - he's pretty obnoxious and almost certainly guilty of something if not the 'Trashman' serial-killings which have plagued Seattle.
No matter how many times Larry told me how good a job I was doing and how important it was to keep the job site clean because it reflected on the company, I knew I was a $15-an-hour trashman who occasionally got to carry lumber or take nails out of boards, and though I was just as cold as anyone else and my clothes were just as dirty, when I came into the locker room for coffee break, I didn't feel like I'd earned it.
From the birth of the atom bomb onward, the world - essentially the United States and Russia, with some significant contributions from France, Britain and China - has been setting nuclear waste out on its sidewalk for a trashman who never comes.
He answered affirmatively to the rhetorical question he had posed: "Can the black revolutionary artist rid himself of the oppressive aesthetics of the white society in this country?" The rest of the number featured creative work consonant with Stewart's conclusion that a new black literature must unfold from the "very rockbed of the Negro experience." Poems, short stories, a one act play, Flowers for the Trashman by Marvin X (Jackmon) and an "open letter" to black women--"My Queen, I Greet You," by Eldridge Cleaver--reflected the editorial staff's effort to meet the outlook presented by Stewart.
Flowers for the Trashman, produced by the Lower Bottom Playaz, under the