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An informal restaurant or tavern serving simple Italian dishes.

[Italian, from trattore, host, from trattare, to treat, from Latin tractāre; see treat.]


(Cookery) an Italian restaurant
[C19: from Italian, from trattore innkeeper, from French traiteur, from Old French tretier to treat]


(ˌtrɑ təˈri ə)

n., pl. -ri•as.
a restaurant or café serving Italian food.
[1825–35; < Italian: restaurant =trattor(e) restaurateur (tratt(are) to treat + -ore -or2, as translation of French traiteur) + -ia -ia]


[ˌtrætəˈrɪə] Ntrattoria f


nTrattoria f
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SAN DIEGO - Maurizio's Trattoria Italiana, LLC, a fine-dining Italian restaurant in Encinitas near San Diego, violated federal law when it discriminated and fired a female employee after learning of her pregnancy, the U.
And that's how the jointly owned Trattoria Mario Mio was born-named after Manong Babes' eldest grandson Emilio 'Mio' Ferrer, and the youngest, his namesake Mario Oreta.
The restaurant, Glorietta Trattoria (run by the former sous-chef at L.
Trattoria Toscana located on the Souk Madinat Jumeirah has made key management appointments ahead of the summer season.
Fast-forward to summer 2016 and the owners are expanding to include a gelateria and a separate trattoria on the site of the original restaurant, in Wellfield Road.
Trattoria 51 A short gallop from Moorfields station, Trattoria 51 is inviting the city to giddy up the Grand National weekend.
Ciao Pizza adds trattoria to its name to reflect new offerings
Summary: For authentic Tuscan cuisine at its best, take a trip to the recently reopened and rebranded Trattoria Toscana at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, formerly Toscana.
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Full service NYC style Italian trattoria restaurant and bar close to five country clubs and thousands of middle to very high income residences.
Four Seasons Tourism has announced the opening of two restaurants -- Mamasan and Trattoria -- located in the Al Assalah Towers at Ghubra.
According to Italian ex-patriates writing on TripAdvisor, "La Vela [Road 262, Mdi] e la classica trattoria italiana .