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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: guidebook - a guidebook for travelerstravel guidebook - a guidebook for travelers    
guidebook, guide - something that offers basic information or instruction
baedeker - any of a series of travel guidebooks published by the German firm founded by Karl Baedeker
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Titled "Fodor's No List 2018," the travel guidebook publisher mentions eight tourist destinations in the world that travelers should avoid this year, which included the Great Wall of China and Beijing because of the deteriorating state of the former and the acrid air of the latter.
Travel guidebook publisher Pauline Frommer said that timing may be off.
The world's largest travel guidebook publisher, Lonely Planet has named Nepal as the 'Best Value Destination' in the world.
com)-- Accessible travel received an uptick in mainstream recognition, when Candy Harrington's barrier-free travel guidebook won top honors at the 2016 Lowell Thomas Awards in Wenzhou, China last month.
He is best known for his novel Noli Me Tangere 2 and for writing the first travel guidebook in the Philippines, Roger's Do It Yourself Tours.
I've been going Tibet every 4- 5 years to write a travel guidebook, and I've seen many changes over the years.
BIZ COM, the Dubai-based marketing communications agency announced that it will re-launch the first-ever Arabic language travel guidebook on Sri Lanka titled - 'Sri Lanka: The Most Beautiful Island in the World' for the benefit of potential tourists and the travel trade across the region.
Entries are arranged by region to facilitate the use of this text as a travel guidebook.
In the 2014 edition of travel guidebook, Rough Guides, published by the United Kingdom (UK), the Philippines is among the top 10 countries to visit this year, along with Ethiopia, Madagascar, Brazil, Turkey, Georgia, Rwanda, Japan, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.
Matthew Karanian and Robert Kurkjian, the authors of Armenia's best-selling travel guidebook, "The Stone Garden Travel
Internationally renowned travel guidebook Lonely Planet has listed Nepal's Mustang - the Land of Muktinath as one of the Top three regions in Best in Travel 2013.

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