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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: iron - a small lightweight iron that can be carried while travelingtravel iron - a small lightweight iron that can be carried while traveling
smoothing iron, iron - home appliance consisting of a flat metal base that is heated and used to smooth cloth
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Realising that I'd forgotten to pack my trusty travel iron (rumpled clothes just won't do for a night out in the bright lights of London) I had a brief panic, until I sheepishly asked for one at front desk.
The paper for these pictures needs to be non-porous and shiny and she uses a small travel iron and coloured wax.
If you're sewing on the road, don't leave home without the OVO RELIABLE TRAVEL IRON. This powerful travel iron is also a steamer and features a soft-touch handle and automatic shutoff.
In this burglary, a travel iron, a green microwave, green toaster, as well as assorted food and items of clothing, were stolen.
The First Class Travel Iron and the Ultra-steam Steambrush, designed by Rowenta, are compact and will keep students' clothing fresh and wrinkle free throughout the school year.
Or, 2) chuck everything in a rucksack, together with a dual voltage travel iron!
Morphy Richards 41540 mouse travel iron, pounds 43.99
DON'T bother packing your gym clothes, hair straightener, travel iron or laptop for your hols - chances are they'll never be taken out of the suitcase.
For example, Rowenta just released a travel iron, a first for the company.
She packed them as all the fashion articles had instructed, with layers of tissue so they would not crush, but put in a travel iron just in case.
Even more so over the forecast period as travel becomes increasingly frequent and common and consumers will buy a travel iron in addition to their normal iron.

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