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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: kit - a kit for carrying toilet articles while travelingtravel kit - a kit for carrying toilet articles while traveling
kit - a case for containing a set of articles
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? Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Sun Protect Travel Kit, PS15.70, Escentual
Dhoni was seen wearing the team's travel kit and a black cap with wife Sakshi also in the frame taking a power nap.
Come March 30, each HONOR 8C purchase will come with three (3) HONOR Exclusive Freebies: Sports Armband, HONOR Gift Kit, and HONOR Travel Kit.
SMOOTH OPERATOR FACIAL fuzz is out, clean shaven is the new hipster look, so throw out your stash of beard oil and replace it with this stylish little Essentials Travel Kit from Harry's.
For travel or everyday use, you can't beat the convenience of the Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit ($49.95).
In the first two days of its official opening last October 13, the company treated customers who availed of the all-new Honor 8X with freebies, including gift box, travel kit and backpack.
Bain arrived at Parkhead for talks wearing his Hibs travel kit (left) after initially preparing to watch their home match against Motherwell at Easter Road.
Guests will receive a gift box of a plush dog, a travel kit, cosmetics and kitchenware as well as a bottle of welcoming wine.
Be prepared for anything - with the Damsel in D-Stress travel kit. This clever little travel kit contains more than 24 items, almost everything that you could possibly need for one of life's little emergencies and it has been created to come to the rescue of every Damsel in Distress.
To top it off, you get to store all these items in the Elizabeth Arden Red Carpet Travel Kit. But wait, the surprises don't just stop there!
But for those men who are interested in these products and to target those who aren't, Menaji has introduced the Gregory Beauty Travel Kit, "designed to be the ultimate luxury beauty travel kit for a man who cares about his image and understands nature needs a little help."
The Alfa Duo-Pump All-in-one Travel Kit contains a hydric and lipidic gel," Brands said.

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