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plan of action - a plan for actively doing something
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A School Travel Plan is a document that identifies local issues relating to school/ nursery journeys.
The site then generates the travel plan and the required bookings within minutes, saving travellers time, effort and money on travel planning.
Schools looking to expand pupil numbers or premises are expected to submit a formal travel plan to outline measures designed to cut car use.
In case of a last- minute travel plan, the governor will have to explain the compelling reasons for the trip.
In larger companies, risk managers are often charged with developing a business travel plan that defines the risk, trains employees to be self-aware, helps protect employees against various threats and responds to employee emergencies, should they arise.
The former Super League prop forward has joined Wakefield-based transport planning consultancy Travel Plan Services Ltd (TPS) as a consultant transport planner.
A WIDE-RANGING investigation into traffic congestion in the Vale of Glamorgan has recommended action to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes and into buses and trains as part of an "active travel plan."
BUSINESS Travel Plan Advisors at Knowsley Council are helping employers to develop 'green' travel plans.
The council's School Travel Plan co-ordinator is working with the school to assist in identifying park and stride locations and to engage the pupils in updating their school travel plan.
YALE College welcomed Carl Sargeant AM Minister for Local, Government and Communities to present their Taith Bronze Travel Plan Award as he launched GoCymru travel card in North Wales.
SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company has announced the launch of Salama Travel Plan, a new Takaful product which offers international cover such as travel inconvenience, trip curtailment and cancellation, lost and stolen documents, and medical and legal emergencies amongst many others.

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