travel reimbursement

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: reimbursement - a sum allowed for traveltravel reimbursement - a sum allowed for travel    
allowance - a sum granted as reimbursement for expenses
mileage - a travel allowance at a given rate per mile traveled
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Tenders are invited for nex17/53 concessionary travel reimbursement advice
THE Government is being urged to support a campaign to persuade employers to offer travel reimbursement to jobseekers attending an interview.
In a statement, Moore also acknowledged that charges against Dukes would not have been filed had Texas House officials been clearer from the start about travel reimbursement policy.
We will be providing cost effective travel reimbursement to select journalists from low and middle income countries.
New innovations are also on the way, including RealTime-GlobalPAY for stipend and travel reimbursement management at the Sponsor and CRO level.
From travel reimbursement to ex parte communication, every state has provisions governing conduct, though some codes, like California's and Illinois', are more comprehensive than others.
Whether for a travel reimbursement report or for tax purposes, paper records can be important.
Travel reimbursement is available for faculty traveling certain distances.
For veterans traveling together, only the owner of the vehicle is incurring the expense, so only he or she would be eligible to receive travel reimbursement.
For each of these 903 unusual transactions, we inquired with the cardholders and requested they provide a description of the transaction(s), business purpose, a copy of the invoice, and any associated documentation related to a claim for reimbursement, which we later traced to the employees' travel reimbursement vouchers," the report read.
This award will include a cash prize of $500 and travel reimbursement to attend the awards ceremony in Tallahassee.
Other perks included pension plans or 401Ks, profit-sharing or some sort of stock purchase option, deferred compensation and travel reimbursement.