traveler's check

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trav·el·er's check

or trav·el·ers check (trăv′əl-ərz, trăv′lərz)
An internationally redeemable draft issued by a major financial services company in various denominations and payable only upon the purchaser's endorsement against the original signature on the draft.
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trav′eler's check`

a check issued in any of various denominations by a bank, travel agency, etc., that is signed by the purchaser upon purchase and again when being cashed or used.
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Noun1.traveler's check - a letter of credit issued by a bank or express company that is payable on presentation to any correspondent of the issuertraveler's check - a letter of credit issued by a bank or express company that is payable on presentation to any correspondent of the issuer
traveler's letter of credit, traveller's letter of credit - a letter of credit given to a traveler
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traveler's check

شِيكٌ سِيَاحِيّ cestovní šek rejsecheck Reisescheck ταξιδιωτική επιταγή cheque de viaje, cheque viajero matkasekki chèque de voyage putnički ček travellers cheque 旅行者用小切手 여행자 수표 travellercheque reisesjekk czek podróżny cheque de viagem, cheque viagem дорожный чек resecheck เช็คเดินทาง seyahat çeki séc du lịch 旅行支票
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One featured a harried couple on the crowded streets of a foreign city, panicking after losing their non-American Express traveler's checks. Another opened at the pool of a luxury hotel, where an attractive traveler relaxes while he waits for a white-gloved butler to deliver his checks.
SPRINGFIELD - A shopping spree of sorts ended Monday for three Seattle women when police accused them of using counterfeit traveler's checks to steal several thousand dollars from various retail stores in Western Oregon.
Likewise, one can explain for why debit cards, e-checks, money orders, bank checks, traveler's checks, credit cards, etc.
Pride, 25, of Brooklyn, N.Y., charged with larceny under $250 by a single scheme, conspiracy, receiving stolen property over $250, forgery of a traveler's check, uttering false writing, distribution of a counterfeit mark, and two counts of attempting to commit a crime (larceny by false pretense), continued to June 21 on $3,500 cash bail.
Investigators urged merchants to look for the following security features before accepting a traveler's check:
One traveler's check issuer is responsible for the recent arrests of a group of twenty individuals on the East Coast.
"Whether it's a traveler's check, money order, or credit card, the bottom line is that we sell it to the public as a product, but it's really money.
Did that memorable story of the traveler's checks appear there?
Glen James flagged down a police officer Saturday after he found the backpack containing $2,400 in cash and almost $40,000 in traveler's checks at the South Bay Mall in Boston.
Keep flush in a flood: An envelope with a few dollars, blank checks, traveler's checks, or an emergency prepaid cash card could be helpful if you can't immediately access your regular bank accounts.
Benchmarked against traveler's checks, cards in general have greater acceptance, although the reverse is also true in certain destinations.
Be sure to plan for the use of credit cards, traveler's checks or cash.