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trav·el·er's check

or trav·el·ers check (trăv′əl-ərz, trăv′lərz)
An internationally redeemable draft issued by a major financial services company in various denominations and payable only upon the purchaser's endorsement against the original signature on the draft.
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trav′eler's check`

a check issued in any of various denominations by a bank, travel agency, etc., that is signed by the purchaser upon purchase and again when being cashed or used.
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Lines at baggage check can be shortened by letting travelers check in via facial recognition, retrieve boarding documents and tag their bags on their own.
North Central Regional Library has installed a new digital kiosk at Pangborn Memorial Airport to help travelers check out digital media and charge their electronic devices before leaving on a trip.
Antney was also charged with larceny over $250 and uttering a counterfeit travelers check. Mr.
To find other end-of-summer deals, John McCarthy, president of The GO Group, recommends travelers check out daily deal sites such as Groupon Getaways and Living Social, and local tourism sites for insider discounts.
However, just as one bank allows customers of other banks to use its ATMs--for a fee--the industry could profit from letting all travelers check in through a common automated interface.
Charles Prescott, vice president of international business development and government affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, New York City, notes that the time needed to receive a visa varies greatly from country to country, "Each consulate is going to be different," he says, suggesting that travelers check with consulates to get an idea of the time required.
Rational consumers (at least those undertaking more than one transaction while in Prague) could be expected to understand the commission system and to avoid those trading offices where the combination of the exchange rate and the commission produced significantly fewer Czech crowns for a $100 travelers check than were readily available within 100 yards on the same street.
AUBURN - A Worcester woman will be summoned to Worcester District Court, Worcester, as the result of an investigation into the cashing of a counterfeit American Express Travelers Check.
Because of the new security measures, the FAA suggests that travelers check in at least one hour early for domestic flights and two hours for international flights.
TSA eases carry-on restrictions, more travelers check luggage.
The airline will ask customers for feedback on its current system, which assigns seats based on when travelers check in.