traveling bag

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Noun1.traveling bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying clothestraveling bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes; "he carried his small bag onto the plane with him"
baggage, luggage - cases used to carry belongings when traveling
carpetbag - traveling bag made of carpet; widely used in 19th century
garment bag - a suitcase that unfolds to be hung up
gripsack - a small suitcase
overnight bag, overnight case, overnighter - a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight
Gladstone bag, portmanteau, Gladstone - a large travelling bag made of stiff leather
weekender - a small suitcase to carry clothing and accessories for a weekend trip
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Anna, forgetting her inward agitation in the work of packing, was standing at a table in her boudoir, packing her traveling bag, when Annushka called her attention to the rattle of some carriage driving up.
The servant was waiting at the door with his traveling bag. "Miss Bygrave is not well," he said.
The messenger of a remittance company narrated at the Senate on Tuesday how a P90 million and another $500,000-placed in a suitcase, a traveling bag and a shoulder bag-were transported to a casino hotel with the help of a trolley.