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also trav·e·log  (trăv′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
a. A lecture about travel, often accompanied by a film, a video, or slides.
b. A narrated film or video about travel.
2. A written nonfictional narrative about travel.
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Noun1.travelog - a film or illustrated lecture on travelingtravelog - a film or illustrated lecture on traveling
attraction - an entertainment that is offered to the public
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'Os Ossos do Mundo' [The Bones of the World] is also the title of a travelog written by the Brazilian artist Flavio de Carvalho (1899 -1973) during his time in Europe in the mid-1930s.
Casey's photographic travelog, "Barns, Farms, and Rolling Hills of Chester County" will learn just what makes Chester County, Pennsylvania, worthy of a day trip.
She will be responsible for a variety of special publications and programs for IBR, including CEO of Influence, Travelog, Accomplished Under 40, Idaho Heartland Living, Women of the Year and Icon Awards.
Part memoir, part travelog, part advocacy, in "Travel as a Political Act" Rick touches upon a myriad of travel-relevant topics ranging from Trump, Brexit, and Erdogan, to climate change, nativism, and populism.
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A combination beer journal, history book and travelog, Trappist Beer Travels offers rare access inside monastery walls for a look at the legendary breweries of Trappist monks.
"When you don't have any money to go on holiday, you must make do by using your imagination," Debussy wrote, and the first two pieces in his triptych Estampes to be performed on Friday together with the third piece, constitute an exotic travelog while the third piece is stay-at-home, watching-the-rain music.
Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy Channel 5, 9pm Given the fact Alex Polizzi (above) has had to endure a hot tub with a happy nudist (apparently oblivious to her horror) and scrub toilets for her Hotel Inspector show, some would say she has earned the right for a good old Italian travelog jolly.
Apart from Park Avenue, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle's men's formal wear brand Van Heusen is also flaunting lightweight suits that weigh less than 500gm as part of its Travelog range this season.
It's an idea that appeals to everyone, 'cos it's also this great travelog. You can sit at home and go to all these great locations, and not suffer like the poor contestants."
(23) Choi began to talk about the spiritual aspects of old Korea in "Pungakyugi," (1924) which is a travelog. In "Chunsanyugi" he praises both Manchuria's Chunsan and Korean mountains.