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 (trə-vûrs′, trăv′ərs)
v. tra·versed, tra·vers·ing, tra·vers·es
a. To travel or pass across, over, or through: a ship traversing a channel; light traversing a window.
b. To move to and fro over; cross and recross: traversed the room in thought for an hour.
c. To go up, down, or across (a slope) diagonally, as in skiing.
2. To cause to move laterally on a pivot; swivel: traverse an artillery piece.
3. To extend across; cross: a bridge that traverses a river.
4. To look over carefully; examine: "Someday I plan to read the classics. Someday I plan to traverse their pages and see for myself what raw weight they wield" (Beck Hansen).
5. Archaic To go counter to; thwart.
6. Law
a. To deny formally (an allegation of fact by the opposing party) in a lawsuit.
b. To join issue upon (an indictment).
7. To survey by traverse.
8. Nautical To brace (a yard) fore and aft.
1. To move to the side or back and forth.
2. To turn laterally; swivel.
a. To go up, down, or across a slope diagonally or in a zigzag manner, as in skiing.
b. To slide one's blade with pressure toward the hilt of the opponent's foil in fencing.
n. trav·erse (trăv′ərs, trə-vûrs′)
1. A passing across, over, or through.
2. A route or path across or over.
3. Something that lies across, especially:
a. An intersecting line; a transversal.
b. Architecture A structural crosspiece; a transom.
c. A gallery, deck, or loft crossing from one side of a building to the other.
d. A railing, curtain, screen, or similar barrier.
e. A defensive barrier across a rampart or trench, as a bank of earth thrown up to protect against enfilade fire.
4. Something that obstructs and thwarts; an obstacle.
5. Nautical The zigzag route of a vessel forced by contrary winds to sail on different courses.
6. A zigzag or diagonal course on a steep slope, as in skiing.
a. A lateral movement, as of a lathe tool across a piece of wood.
b. A part of a mechanism that moves in this manner.
c. The lateral swivel of a mounted gun.
8. A line established by sighting in surveying a tract of land.
9. Law A formal denial of the opposing party's allegation of fact in a lawsuit.
adj. trav·erse (trăv′ərs, trə-vûrs′)
Lying or extending across; transverse.

[Middle English traversen, from Old French traverser, from Vulgar Latin *trāversāre, from Late Latin trānsversāre, from Latin trānsversus, transverse; see transverse.]

tra·vers′a·ble adj.
tra·vers′al n.
tra·vers′er n.
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Noun1.traversal - taking a zigzag path on skistraversal - taking a zigzag path on skis  
crossing - traveling across
skiing - a sport in which participants must travel on skis
2.traversal - travel acrosstraversal - travel across        
travel, traveling, travelling - the act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel"
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Law. A refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge:
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This rarely-recorded work provides a fascinating contrast with Mitsuko Uchida's performance on her 1980s traversal of the complete sonatas, my benchmark set.
The game is set in the Titanfall universe and weapons and terrain traversal should be familiar to anyone who has played that game.
Rough traversal through Rough Mode Decision (RMD) in 35 modes produces a candidate list, which is compared with MPM to obtain the optimal intra prediction mode in each PU.
- CoAP over TCP (improving NAT/firewall traversal restrictions),
This decision concerns only one patent in the UK and it impacts neither the other SSH patents on the same invention (NAT Traversal) nor the nearly 80 other granted patents in its portfolio.
Additionally, tools such as the Grappling Hook can be utilized to bring an extra dimension to exploration and traversal throughout the world of the game.
The game was filled with tricky traversal, sarcastic humour and fun combat.
The first Roomba followed a very simple but effective principle: random traversal of the environment while bouncing back from walls, similar to a cue ball hitting a rail.
Mechanically, the cost of each traversal is tiny because of mechanical sympathy between the software and hardware.
A traversal sequence 'S' (or user navigational pattern or web navigational pattern) is a set of web pages visited by the user in a single visit (or session), <[s.sub.1], [s.sup.2 ,[s.sub.3] ......> where [s.sub.1,] [s.sup.2], [s.sup.3], .....
The first report is labeled "( LG Cloud Backup Application Path Traversal Vulnerability ," while the second one is entitled "( LG G3 Arbitrary File Retrieval from Cloud Services.