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 (trăv′ər-tēn′, -tĭn)
1. A light-colored porous calcite, CaCO3, deposited from solution in ground or surface waters and forming, among other deposits, stalactites and stalagmites.
2. A compact calcium carbonate used as a facing material in construction.

[French, from Italian travertino, alteration of tivertino, from Latin (lapis) tīburtīnus, (stone) of Tibur (Tivoli), an ancient city of central Italy.]


(ˈtrævətɪn) or


(Minerals) a porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate, used for building. Also called: calc-sinter
[C18: from Italian travertino (influenced by tra- trans-), from Latin lapis Tīburtīnus Tiburtine stone, from Tīburs the district around Tibur (now Tivoli)]


(ˈtræv ərˌtin, -tɪn)

a form of limestone deposited by springs, esp. hot springs, used in Italy for building.
[1545–55; < Italian travertino, early also trevertino, (marmo) tibertino < Latin Tīburtīnus=Tīburt-, s. of Tīburs Tibur (see Tivoli) + -īnus -ine1]


Calcium carbonate deposited by water, as in stalactites.
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The main points of interest consist, first in some highly fossiliferous strata, belonging to the Devonian or Carboniferous period; secondly, in proofs of a late small rise of the land; and lastly, in a solitary and superficial patch of yellowish limestone or travertin, which contains numerous impressions of leaves of trees, together with land-shells, not now existing.
Zanni: Ghe n'era una che avia el mostaz de cordovan, tutto cosid con spag impezad, dove gh'era inchioda i orecchi con boletton da scarpinel; non avia noma un occhio, quattro braccia de vedro e tre gambe, dua de legn e una de travertin, con la schena de carta strazza e la bocca de storion.
Du calcaire de Verona en Italie a ete utilise pour certaines parties du maitre autel, alors que les autels lateraux ont ete decores avec du travertin egyptien.