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 (trăv′ər-tēn′, -tĭn)
1. A light-colored porous calcite, CaCO3, deposited from solution in ground or surface waters and forming, among other deposits, stalactites and stalagmites.
2. A compact calcium carbonate used as a facing material in construction.

[French, from Italian travertino, alteration of tivertino, from Latin (lapis) tīburtīnus, (stone) of Tibur (Tivoli), an ancient city of central Italy.]


(ˈtrævətɪn) or


(Minerals) a porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate, used for building. Also called: calc-sinter
[C18: from Italian travertino (influenced by tra- trans-), from Latin lapis Tīburtīnus Tiburtine stone, from Tīburs the district around Tibur (now Tivoli)]


(ˈtræv ərˌtin, -tɪn)

a form of limestone deposited by springs, esp. hot springs, used in Italy for building.
[1545–55; < Italian travertino, early also trevertino, (marmo) tibertino < Latin Tīburtīnus=Tīburt-, s. of Tīburs Tibur (see Tivoli) + -īnus -ine1]


Calcium carbonate deposited by water, as in stalactites.
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com)-- Stoneworks Wholesaling, Inc, a knowledgeable expert in natural stone and a trusted name in large residential stone-working projects, has announced today that it will be adding Travertine Scabos French Pattern pavers to their catalogue of products.
Issues were first raised about six months ago over the use of travertine marble that we intended to use to face the building.
These motifs are repeated in the lobby, which contains veined marble walls, travertine floors decorated with bronze medallions.
Outfitted with travertine marble, redwood, copper and glass, the elegant facility will be the new home for local government and community events.
39 acres features a heated pool with two waterfalls, a hot tub overlooking the coast, a gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, and more than 5,000 square feet of travertine flooring imported from Turkey.
They have specialist product formulations, industrial machinery and unrivalled experience that has allowed them confidence that they are the best-served professionals to deal with incoming enquiries to clean and restore Travertine tiles.
The apartment's high-quality kitchen includes an integrated stainless steel oven and hob and superb Travertine marble flooring.
A shallow pool with a glass base is formed in the other slot in the travertine.
Its entrance foyer will feature a high vaulted ceiling and a floor of rich marble and inlaid travertine mosaic.
It is fed continuously by sizzling Travertine Spring, and is maintained at an exquisite 82 degrees.
Drawing upon the same design vocabulary and palette of materials being used in Lincoln Center's inaugural West 65th Street Project--glass, travertine, new landscape features, and integrated information technologies for enhancing the visitor experience--The Promenade Project, unanimously approved by all 12 resident organizations in March, is designed to further unite Lincoln Center with the surrounding cityscape.