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 (trăv′ər-tēn′, -tĭn)
1. A light-colored porous calcite, CaCO3, deposited from solution in ground or surface waters and forming, among other deposits, stalactites and stalagmites.
2. A compact calcium carbonate used as a facing material in construction.

[French, from Italian travertino, alteration of tivertino, from Latin (lapis) tīburtīnus, (stone) of Tibur (Tivoli), an ancient city of central Italy.]


(ˈtrævətɪn) or


(Minerals) a porous rock consisting of calcium carbonate, used for building. Also called: calc-sinter
[C18: from Italian travertino (influenced by tra- trans-), from Latin lapis Tīburtīnus Tiburtine stone, from Tīburs the district around Tibur (now Tivoli)]


(ˈtræv ərˌtin, -tɪn)

a form of limestone deposited by springs, esp. hot springs, used in Italy for building.
[1545–55; < Italian travertino, early also trevertino, (marmo) tibertino < Latin Tīburtīnus=Tīburt-, s. of Tīburs Tibur (see Tivoli) + -īnus -ine1]


Calcium carbonate deposited by water, as in stalactites.
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Except for agricultural products, the region exports cement, travertine and cotton.
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According to the report, the biggest growth, at 1.8 times, was recorded in the production of asphalt, followed by a 65.4-percent increase in the production of processed marble, travertine, alabaster and products made from them, a 62.5-percent increase in the production of building brick, a 38.2-percent increase in the production of building limestone.
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Laid with a Travertine floor, it has fitted, painted units with integral appliances, including dishwasher, warming drawer and two wine coolers.
Opening into a natural travertine tiled floor, the reception hall has stunning cornice wall and comes with understairs storage, as well as a built-in storage cupboard.
Portico has two residential towers (The Sandstone and The Travertine), as well as its townhouse cluster, the Brownstone Villas.
Portico currently features two residential towers (The Sandstone and The Travertine), as well as its townhouse cluster, the Brownstone Villas.
Introducing a new and premium innovation to its Jotashield range, a range that offers inspirational colour possibilities and a tough finish with colours that do not fade over time, is Jotashield Decor Travertine, a texture that has been inspired by the famous Travertine rock and provides a unique monumental appearance to exteriors.
Worcester, PA, September 25, 2015 --( Worcester-based tile importer and distributor, Stoneworks Wholesaling is having a sale on Carmel Travertine. Only 15 crates are left in stock and priced at just $6.00 for 6 x 12 x 2 crates and $12.00 for 12 x 12 x 2 crates.
To get a better estimate the researchers examined a surviving section of the aqueduct and measured the residue of travertine limestone that remained in the channel.