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"An' two young fellers I know'll bait up a tub or so o' trawl, while they're cleanin'," said Disko, lashing the wheel to his taste.
"I helped bait up trawl ashore 'fore I could well walk," he said.
He don't trawl 'less there's mighty good reason fer it.
"We'll be back," said Long Jack, "an' in case you'll not be lookin' for us, we'll lay into you both if the trawl's snarled."
"Why, you an' me could set thet trawl! They've only gone out jest far 'nough so's not to foul our cable.
The boat, together with one roll of trawl net, two iron trawl and total catch of nearly 200 kilogrammes of various types of fish, was also seized.
Fishing trawl makes irreparable damages to the aquaculture in the Persian Gulf, hence, the Iranian government is taking serious measures to confront such crimes.
The Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) earlier issued joint memorandum circular 2018-03 "strengthening enforcement of bottom trawl ban within municipal waters."
Recent studies, focused on the trawl fleet that operates off the fishing harbors of Santa Catarina State, assessed some of these impacts with the aim of producing science-based elements useful for improving ecosystembased management measures (Perez et al., 2013; Visintim, 2015; Port et al., 2016; Martinez-Musoles, 2016).
A principal source of fishery-independent data for rockfish stock assessments is the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) West Coast Bottom Trawl Survey (hereafter referred to as the trawl survey; Keller et al., 2017), which cannot be conducted in complex rocky habitats where the highest densities of most deep-water rockfishes occur.
For individual species, the proportion of the total paired catch (for each length class) retained in the trawl with the 20 mm grid was calculated.