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Noun1.treadmill test - a stress test in which the patient walks on a moving treadmill while the heart and breathing rates are monitoredtreadmill test - a stress test in which the patient walks on a moving treadmill while the heart and breathing rates are monitored
stress test - a test measuring how a system functions when subjected to controlled amounts of stress
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The researchers calculated cardiovascular fitness by measuring how long the children could last on a treadmill test and how fast their heart rates recovered after exercise.
However, some agree that the treadmill test wasn't the best method of measuring accuracy as the devices rely on a combination of measuring the length of strides and step-counting algorithm instead of GPS to calculate distance.
President Duterte has dared his critic former Senator Francisco Tatad to undergo a treadmill test with him to determine who was healthier between them.
Recovery was defined as "symptom resolution to normal," based on normal physical and neurological examinations, "further confirmed by demonstration of the ability to exercise to exhaustion without exacerbation of symptoms" according to the Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test, the researchers wrote.
The selected students were instructed to prevent from any exertion 24 hours prior to the treadmill test. They were also asked to refrain from coffee intake four hours before the Bruce test.
However, the tests carried out also include new screenings that are not included in other large-scale biobanks, such as advanced imaging techniques that measure whole-body composition and the health of carotid arteries, and a treadmill test to measure physical fitness.
The exercise treadmill test (ETT) assesses for exercise induced myocardial ischemia and is commonly the first-line investigation in troponin-negative chest pain suspected of having coronary artery disease2.
For the first time we can quantify the impact of your performance level on a treadmill test in adding or subtracting years from your actual age." According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women and men in the United States.
Plenty of past studies have linked high aerobic fitness with a reduced risk for later heart disease and vice versa.The researchers thought that they might be able to quantify how well the treadmill test predicted future heart problems by using the database of firefighters' health information.
After administering a treadmill test to 122,007 people and later recording their mortality rates over a 23-year period, Cleveland Clinic researchers have determined that the more you exercise, the higher your chances of achieving a long, healthy life.
On the treadmill test, you go up to 5 MET in stage 1, 7 MET in stage 2 and to 9 MET in stage 3.