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1. treasurer.
2. treasury.
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"Yehs knows, damn it, yehs kin have all got, 'cause I'm stuck on yehs, Nell, damn't, I--I'm stuck on yehs, Nell--buy drinksh--damn't--we're havin' heluva time--w'en anyone trea's me ri'--I--damn't, Nell--we're havin' heluva--time."
"Das ri', I'm damn goo' f'ler an' w'en anyone trea's me ri', I treats zem ri'!
"Shay, Nell, damn it, I allus trea's yehs shquare, didn' I?
"Girlsh," said the man, beseechingly, "I allus trea's yehs ri', didn' I?
"I'm damn goo' f'ler, an' w'en anyone trea's me ri', I allus trea's--le's have nozzer drink."
He would also buy iShares Barclays 20+ Yr Treas.Bond.
The issue presented in University's ruling request was whether the proposed transaction would result in the failure to satisfy the effective opportunity requirement of Treas. Reg.
The court held that the substantiation requirements for cash contributions (Treas, Reg.
(35) Moreover, the regulations provide that "to the extent not inconsistent with section 336(e) or these regulations, the principles of section 338 and the regulations under section 338 apply for purposes of [the regulations under [section] 336(e)]." Treas. Reg.
* Failed to make the election solely because they failed to timely meet the requirements in Treas. Reg.
A permitted debt instrument is: (1) a fixed rate debt instrument, including a debt instrument having more than one payment schedule for which a single yield can be determined under Treas. Regs.