treasure chest

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Noun1.treasure chest - a chest filled with valuablestreasure chest - a chest filled with valuables  
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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There is a lovely old-fashioned pearl set in the treasure chest, but Mother said real flowers were the prettiest ornament for a young girl, and Laurie promised to send me all I want," replied Meg.
At first they had shown some secrecy in their arrangements; but at the time which this narrative describes their proceedings were extraordinarily open, for the repeated failure of the law had proved to them that, on the one hand, no one would dare to witness against them, and on the other they had an unlimited number of stanch witnesses upon whom they could call, and a well-filled treasure chest from which they could draw the funds to engage the best legal talent in the state.
The council has received 61 requests for information packs about funding for events planned for 1999/2000, after the Evening Telegraph reported that more than pounds 26,000 of the council's pounds 50,000 treasure chest had yet to be allocated.
Bryan Robson last night confessed: I've emptied Middlesbrough's treasure chest.
At 42, and with six Embassy World titles tucked away in his personal treasure chest, Davis knows what he is talking about.
She wed one Jaime Fernando who's an heir, too - to a lovely treasure chest of pesetas.