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Noun1.treasure chest - a chest filled with valuablestreasure chest - a chest filled with valuables  
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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"There is a lovely old-fashioned pearl set in the treasure chest, but Mother said real flowers were the prettiest ornament for a young girl, and Laurie promised to send me all I want," replied Meg.
At first they had shown some secrecy in their arrangements; but at the time which this narrative describes their proceedings were extraordinarily open, for the repeated failure of the law had proved to them that, on the one hand, no one would dare to witness against them, and on the other they had an unlimited number of stanch witnesses upon whom they could call, and a well-filled treasure chest from which they could draw the funds to engage the best legal talent in the state.
The Treasure Chest at Monarch Landing is indeed a 'treasure', providing various benefits on a multitude of levels.
He is one of thousands who have joined the search for the 22lb treasure chest containing gold and jewels.
"Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have tried and failed to get their hands on the treasure chest.
Three or more Treasure Chest symbols trigger the Treasure Chest feature where players select from spots on pirate's map to reveal instant prizes.
The agency developed a traffic-builder game rnlled Key & Treasure Chest. It is a promotion that utilizes and actual Treasure Chest where customers and prospects get a chance to try and open the chest to see if they have won.
"Looking Good with Treasure Chest is starting again and this will be the fifth year the group have funded the pampering sessions, for ladies or men having surgery or medical treatment, where they can have a choice of a manicure, pedicure, make-up or facials, which helps lift their self esteem.
The Therapist's Treasure Chest: Solution-Oriented Tips and Tricks for Everyday Practice is a recommendation for psychology collections and psychotherapists, and provides a wide array of field-tested therapy techniques with tools that help therapists match behavioral symptoms and psychological concerns with resources and approaches to management.
As the two-part documentary draws to a close, Dallas dons his diving suit and descends to a shipwreck where 5,000 emeralds have been found, before heading off to locate a treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains and coming face to face with China's Terracotta Army.
Carefully following the directions on his trusty treasure map he finds the location of his treasure chest. After a few minutes of digging, however, he fails to hear his favourite sound, the clunk of the shovel on the wooden chest.