treasure house

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treas′ure house`

or treas′ure-house`,

1. a place or source where many things of value or worth may be found.
2. a building or room where valuables are stored; treasury.
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Noun1.treasure house - a storehouse for treasurestreasure house - a storehouse for treasures    
storehouse, depot, entrepot, storage, store - a depository for goods; "storehouses were built close to the docks"
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treasure house

A place where one keeps one's valuables:
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treasure house

n a treasure house of knowledge (fig) → un pozzo di scienza
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He went under the welkin, until he saw most clearly the wine hall, the treasure house of men, variegated with vessels.
The king's letter was written in blue characters upon a rare and precious skin of yellowish colour, and these were the words of it: "The King of the Indies, before whom walk a thousand elephants, who lives in a palace, of which the roof blazes with a hundred thousand rubies, and whose treasure house contains twenty thousand diamond crowns, to the Caliph Haroun al Raschid sends greeting.
This was the treasure house of the band, and thither Robin Hood went and, unlocking the door, entered the chamber, from which he brought forth a bag of gold which he gave to Little John, to pay Hugh Longshanks withal, for the cloth of Lincoln green.
But no living man had looted this treasure house, and the dead were dead; wherefore John Thornton and Pete and Hans, with Buck and half a dozen other dogs, faced into the East on an unknown trail to achieve where men and dogs as good as themselves had failed.
In one passage O'Donohue refers to memory as "a great treasure house"; readers of Walking in Wonder will be thankful that we have more of his thoughts to treasure in this newly released book.
In 1973, the then Soviet Prime Minister, Leonid Brezhnev, reckoned that "Our (USSR's) aim is to gain control of the two great treasure houses on which the West depends, the energy treasure house of the Persian Gulf and the mineral treasure house of Central and Southern Africa."Russia was in Africa during the cold war.
The article Sports treasure house, in TheWeek, Issue no 808, was an interesting read.
One late afternoon between Yom Kippur and Sukkot 1963 I stood in the dark recesses of Jerusalem's Ohr bookshop, a treasure house of old and antique holy texts.
Asserting that India is a treasure house of ideas, values, and attitudes, Naidu said that the country could provide honey of wisdom in this bitter world.
The Azerbaijan National Art Museum is a treasure house that preserves national moral values and cultural heritage.
The archaeological treasure house of Madain Saleh (above); the Arabian Travel Market's global reach (below).
Albuquerque, NM, March 23, 2018 --( Award-winning local author, Geoff Habiger, will be signing copies of his new novels, "Unremarkable" and "Wrath of the Fury Blade," at Treasure House Books and Gifts in Old Town, Albuquerque (2012 S.

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