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One who has charge of funds or revenues, especially the chief financial officer of a government, corporation, or association.

[Middle English tresurer, from Anglo-Norman tresorer, from Late Latin thēsaurārius, from Latin, of treasure, from thēsaurus, treasure; see treasure.]
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a person appointed to look after the funds of a society, company, city, or other governing body
ˈtreasurership n


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the Commonwealth of Australia and each of the Australian states) the minister of finance
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(ˈtrɛʒ ər ər)

1. an officer of a government, corporation, association, etc., in charge of the receipt, care, and disbursement of money.
2. a person who is in charge of treasure or a treasury.
[1250–1300; Middle English tresorer < Anglo-French < Late Latin thēsaurārius. See treasure, -er2]
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Noun1.treasurer - an officer charged with receiving and disbursing fundstreasurer - an officer charged with receiving and disbursing funds
money dealer, money handler - a person who receives or invests or pays out money
bursar - the treasurer at a college or university
chamberlain - the treasurer of a municipal corporation
state treasurer - the treasurer for a state government
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thủ quỹ


[ˈtreʒərəʳ] Ntesorero/a m/f
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[ˈtrɛʒərər] ntrésorier/ière m/ftreasure-trove [ˈtrɛʒərtrəʊv] n
(= treasure) → trésor m
(= valuable collection) → mine f de trésors
(= rich source) → mine f
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n (of club)Kassenwart(in) m(f), → Kassenverwalter(in) m(f); (= city treasurer)Stadtkämmerer m/-kämmerin f; (of business)Leiter(in) m(f)der Finanzabteilung; (of king)Schatzmeister(in) m(f)
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[ˈtrɛʒrəʳ] ntesoriere/a
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(ˈtreʒə) noun
1. a store of money, gold, jewels etc. The miser kept a secret hoard of treasure; (also adjective) a treasure chest.
2. something very valuable. Our babysitter is a real treasure!
1. to value; to think of as very valuable. I treasure the hours I spend in the country.
2. to keep (something) carefully because one values it. I treasure the book you gave me.
ˈtreasured adjective
regarded as precious; valued. The photograph of her son is her most treasured possession.
ˈtreasurer noun
the person in a club, society etc, who looks after the money.
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أَمِيـنُ الصُّنْدُوق pokladník kasserer Kassenwart ταμίας συλλόγου tesorero varainhoitaja trésorier blagajnik tesoriere 会計係 경리 penningmeester kasserer skarbnik tesoureiro казначей kassör เหรัญญิก veznedar thủ quỹ 财务总管
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For that kind of accounting work which is involved in comptrollerships, treasurerships and the like, women have a distinct opportunity.