treasury stock

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Noun1.treasury stock - stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale; it is issued but not outstanding; it cannot vote and pays no dividends
stock - the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity); "he owns a controlling share of the company's stock"
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The Board of Directors' February 13, 2018 authorization provides that: (1) the new treasury stock repurchase program shall be effective when publicly announced and shall continue thereafter until suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion; and (2) all shares of common stock repurchased pursuant to the new program shall be held as treasury shares and be available for use and reissuance for purposes as and when determined by the Board of Directors.
As of September 30, 2017, Nomura Holdings had 3,822,562,601 outstanding shares including 336,420,504 shares as treasury stock.
In accordance with the terms of the prospectus dated 14 January 1983, the Bank of England said that the rate of interest payable on the 2 1/2% Index-Linked Treasury Stock 2016 for the interest payment due on 26 July 2016 will be GBP3.
775 billion to buy back 10,000,000 shares of treasury stock at the price range of NT$11.
We will acquire treasury stock as part of our efforts towards shareholder returns.
There are two acceptable ways to account for treasury stock under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): the cost method and the par value method.
The total value of the treasury stock held by all these companies as of June 30, 2009 was about Rs 32,798 crore.
The treasury stock retirement plan is expected to be formally approved by the board of the holding company, which will also have Denny's Japan Co.
Introducing the treasury stock system, which involves amending the Commercial Code, is expected to improve the supply-demand situation in the stock market and thus help lift sagging stock prices.
Kosaku Inaba, head of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, disagreed with the proposed measure, and expressed concern the possible use of treasury stock may encourage insider trading.
Options, warrants and their equivalents are included in EPS calculations through the treasury stock method.
Retained earnings must be restricted or appropriated for the cost of treasury stock held, and this amount is not available to be paid out in dividends.