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Adj.1.tree-living - inhabiting or frequenting treestree-living - inhabiting or frequenting trees; "arboreal apes"
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Spehar said that the widespread reduction in orangutan numbers, which occurred around 20,000 years ago, appears to be closely correlated with indicators of human impact, especially the appearance of projectile weapons that make hunting tree-living prey easier.
The cataclysm 66 million years ago not only wiped out Tyrannosaurus rex and his relatives, but also tree-living flying birds.
As the largest tree-living mammals in the world they rarely come down to the ground, so we were spellbound by the unorthodox appearance of our local.
But be warned.This tree-living acrobat - it's been called a flyingferret - is a vicious killer.There are good reasons it almost became extinct, chiefly for its well-earned reputation for killing hens.
The earliest mammals were nocturnal, and tree-living. In order to successfully move around and thrive in this challenging environment these animals needed to effectively integrate information from multiple senses -- sight, sound, smell, and touch.
It is a tree-living relative of the racoon and it lives longer than the tiger, even though it is just 1/40th the size.
They are mainly tree-living aphids and their biology is little known and sexual forms are generally unrecorded.
The elusive and very shy pine marten is a member of the weasel family and is essentially tree-living by nature.