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Noun1.treelet - a small treetreelet - a small tree        
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Comparative phenological studies of treelet and shrub species in tropical wet and dry forests in the lowlands of Costa Rica.
Frugivory in Lacistema hasslerianum Chodat (Lacistemaceae), a gallery forest understory treelet in Central Brazil.
not fully-grown nut, or seed' and treelet 'small or young tree as seedling or sapling' (cf.
Ixoroid secondary pollen presentation and pollination by small moths in the Malagasy treelet Ixora platythyrsa (Rubiaceae).
Morphological patterns of diaspores from animal-dispersed tree and treelet species at Parque Estadual de Itapua, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.
Plant habits were recorded as herb, shrub, epiphyte, treelet (subcanopy small trees), liana, tree (large canopy and subcanopy trees).
Alonso (Rhamnaceae), an endemic treelet of this particular zone.
The greater impact of the drought on larger stems was borne out by our observations of individual species: treelet and shrub species were less affected than larger trees.
Pollen carryover: Experimental comparisons between morphs of Palicourea lasiorrachis (Rubiaceae), a distylous, bird-pollinated, tropical treelet.
Miconia albicans (Triana) is a treelet that reaches even 3 m in height, occurring in cerrado secondary vegetation, rocky outcrops and coastal formations (Goldenberg, 2004).
Variaton in pollinator assemblages in a fragmented landscape and its effects on reproductive stages of a self-incompatible treelet, Psychotria suterella (Rubiaceae).